Juventud Guerrera To Make AEW Debut Next Week

Juventud Guerrera

The Five Labors Of Jericho have been a major part of AEW for the last three weeks with the latest instalment seeing ‘The Painmaker’ defeat death match idol Nick Gage in a bloody, violent, weapons filled brawl.

After this victory, MJF announced that Jericho’s next task will be to defeat his fellow former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera on next week’s Dynamite in a match in which Jericho can only win by hitting a move from the top rope.

As per the stipulations of the labors storyline, Jericho must win in five matches against opponents handpicked by MJF with stipulations also set by the leader of The Pinnacle.

Only by winning these matches will Jericho be granted a one on one match with MJF.

The Juice and Jericho have significant on screen history. Back in WCW, Guerrera lost his fabled mask at SuperBrawl in February 1998 in a mask vs. title match against Jericho.

This will be Juvi’s first appearance on TNT since his WCW days and his first major television appearance for a US promotion since his stint in the Mexicools faction in WWE in 2006.