Jon Moxley Hints At Future In AEW: “I Love Tag Team Wrestling”

Jon Moxley on his AEW debut.

Whilst carrying the torch as AEW World Champion during these unprecedented times, Jon Moxley has cultivated himself a spot as a top singles wrestler.

However, it would appear that he considers that when he doesn’t have the singles title, he wants an opportunity to wrestle against some of the top tag teams in the company.

Speaking with TV Insider, ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ discussed how strong the tag division is in AEW, and how he would like to form a team down the line.

Tag wrestling is such a focus in AEW. Having the best tag teams in the world, one of these days down the line I wouldn’t mind finding a partner that compliments me in some form or another, maybe a bigger dude or a younger guy. I would like a legitimate tag team run. While I have this championship opportunity in AEW, there are tag teams I’d love to work with. I love tag team wrestling. I don’t want to deny myself having great matches with FTR, the Young Bucks or SCU. One of these days I’d love to get a partner and get a tag team title run. When I had that one tag match with Darby, I was getting all excited. It felt good and made me miss it. I’ve had a good partner and been part of a pretty successful team in the past.

In the same breath, Mox commended Ricky Starks as one to watch on a singles front, and that “he is a dude down the line [that] I can see me and him doing some really good stuff”.

Mox also commented on how he has carried the title through the pandemic era, and how he has had to continue trying to push the championship forward whilst the world changed around him.

I have to present strength to people. There was a time I was in a literal sea of fans bleeding and sweating. It was a totally different world. It has been my job to cultivate and grow this championship. It’s kind of like the Powerball. If you just flip flop a title every 30 seconds, it becomes a prop. The more you defend it against different challengers and situations and put value into it, the value goes up like the Powerball. So when someone does cash in, it’s a huge monumental moment. Chris Jericho was the perfect choice as the first champion to establish it. Now it has been my job to foster the value of the title. It’s really easy to do when you have so many talented guys to wrestle.