Johnny Gargano Gives Touching Tribute To William Regal After WWE Release

Johnny Gargano

Former NXT Grand Slam Champion Johnny Gargano has given his opinion on William Regal after he was released from his WWE contract on 5th January 2022.

It was reported yesterday that a number of cuts had been made both on-screen and behind the scenes within NXT. This included Regal as well as the likes of The Road Dogg, Danny Burch and Timothy Thatcher.

In addition to this the likes of Scott Armstrong, renowned referee turned producer, and Catchy Corino (also known as Allison Danger) had been let go from their deals in a total of 12 releases.

Johnny Gargano, a former NXT Champion who is now a free agent, took to social media to give William Regal the credit he deserved for giving so many talent a chance and a platform to perform on at the highest level.

If it wasn’t for William Regal a lot of your favorite guys wouldn’t be on television. He got so many of us “indie guys” an opportunity. He will never take credit for that, but he deserves his flowers for helping and molding this generation of wrestlers. #ThankYouRegal

Johnny Gargano spent six years working for WWE, eventually leaving in December 2021. He was seen as the ‘heart and soul’ of NXT as well as ‘Johnny TakeOver’, holding every all three championships he could hold during his time on the brand.

Gargano explained recently on Twitch that his decision to leave NXT comes about as a life decision, with the birth of his first child imminent.

A lot of people don’t realize, obviously the baby is due in February. Candice (LeRae) and I are really just trying to enjoy the next couple of months we have together. You don’t think about this stuff, but this is really going to be the last time it’s going to be me and Candice and Pawdme. I really want to enjoy as much time as I have with Candice and Pawdme before the little rascal arrives and it becomes a whole new world for me.