Jim Ross Reveals Which WWE Title Belt He Believes Is “Hideous”

Jim Ross wearing a commentary headset.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has revealed his dislike for one of WWE’s championships, describing it as “hideous”.

The title in question is the WWE 24/7 Championship, which was revealed by Mick Foley on the May 20th, 2019 edition of Raw. As its name suggests, the title is contested under 24/7 rules, meaning that anyone who has a referee with them can challenge for the it at any time. This has led to many interesting and sometimes hilarious title changes over the last couple of years, including R-Truth pinning a sleeping Jinder Mahal on a plane heading to Saudi Arabia, and rap megastar Bad Bunny pinning an unconscious Akira Tozawa to capture the gold.

The title is a modern version of the Attitude Era staple, the WWF Hardcore Championship, which Crash Holly stipulated would be decided under 24/7 rules after he won it in 2000.

On a recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, AEW announcer Jim Ross claimed the 24/7 stipulation watered down the Hardcore Championship and was even less complimentary about its successor.

“It was just another watered-down championship (Hardcore title), and now it’s even worse. The 24/7 title, right? That’s hideous. It’s not even realistic. It has had so many champions, you can’t name them all.”

To JR’s point, 51 superstars have held the WWE 24/7 Championship over 154 reigns so far. The current champion is Dana Brooke, who defeated Cedric Alexander to win the title on the November 22nd episode of Raw.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.