Jim Ross Likely To Need Radiation Treatment For Skin Cancer

Jim Ross making an entrance in AEW

Famous wrestling commentator Jim Ross has confirmed that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer following a CT scan.

Good Ol’ JR posted on social media back on 21st October that he was going for a CT scan on what he described at the time as a potential issue. He also confirmed that it was something he’d been dealing with for over a year.

Jim Ross went on to confirm before this Saturday’s special edition of AEW Dynamite that the diagnosis had been confirmed.

On my way to Orlando for tonight’s AEW Dynamite. Skin cancer confirmed. Waiting on radiologist study to determine best treatment. Likely radiation. Feeling great and ready to attack. Thanks for the support from so many.

This is the latest in an unfortunate line of illnesses the wrestling scene veteran has had to deal with, including Bells Palsy as well as undergoing colon surgery in 2005.

Ross started his Hall Of Fame career as a referee for Mid-South Wrestling, where he worked for three years between 1974 and 1977. At this point he became Vice President of Marketing for the organisation, as well as transitioning to a position as play-by-play commentator.

He continued to work for the promotion throughout its various guises, as it moved to Jim Crockett Promotions and then later as part of Ted Turner’s WCW. He went on to be Head of Broadcasting for Turner’s organisation, before leaving in 1993 when Eric Bischoff became Executive Producer.

This is the point where Jim Ross probably gained the most notoriety, working for WWE and becoming what many would class as the voice of the Attitude Era. He also became Head of Talent Relations for the company, where whilst limited in some respects was in charge of dealing with many of the top talents.

Whilst JR did return to WWE in 2017, he was used sparingly and eventually left the company again in 2019. This has led to his current position at the commentary desk in AEW alongside Tony Schiavone and Excalibur.

Everyone at Hooked On Wrestling wishes Jim Ross the best following the diagnosis.