Jim Ross On Why WWE Referee Quit Due To Bullying

Jim Ross

A WWE referee quit the company following bullying from certain members of the roster, according to Hall Of Famer Jim Ross.

Whilst Good Ol’ JR acknowledges that it was somewhat the culture of the company at the time, he says WWE and WCW referee Billy Silverman left after upgrading his ticket to first class on a flight.

This was seen as a bad move by a number of the roster, as there is seemingly an unwritten rule that first class is reserved for veterans and legends so he shouldn’t have made the decision to be there.

Silverman joined WWE after the demise of WCW in 2001, and whether he knew what he was doing or not his decision was not taken kindly and it would seem that is a reason he left the company shortly after.

Talking on his Grilling JR Podcast, Ross admits it may have been an element of bullying which ultimately left to him leaving the company.

We had some guys on our roster that were kind of bullies and they were very competitive. I don’t know what motivated them. I think what motivated them is that they knew that Silverman was not going to fight back and he was being bullied, and that was wrong. Billy did a nice job as a referee, he always did, but that was unnecessary. I was sorry, he was a good referee, as a matter of fact, and you lose a piece out of your toolbox, so to speak.

I always felt badly about that scenario, but what are you going to do? If he would have come to us when he landed and would have expressed himself, that was no option. He was gone, he quit. So, I don’t know, and some people will take exception to that. ‘You should have brought him back.’ But, quite frankly, at that time it probably was better for him to take a little bit of a sabbatical considering this whole scenario.

Good Ol’ Jr has also discussed how Tazz (whether you spell it with one ‘z’ or two) was not a popular signing with some when he joined WWE.

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