Jim Ross Names WWE Star Who Was Nearly Fired For Sleeping In Airport

Jim Ross

It would appear that Mr Hughes’ first run with WWE was almost cut short after he fell asleep in an airport, according to Jim Ross.

Making his initial WWE debut in 1993, Curtis Hughes’ first run with the company would last just five months. However, according to the latest comments by Good Ol’ JR this initial run could have been cut short far more quickly.

In a discussion on his Grilling JR podcast, it would appear that Chief Jay Strongbow saw Hughes whilst they were waiting at an airport and had concerns which he felt may have needed to be raised. Whilst there was a good reason, the report seemingly could have gone all the way to Vince McMahon.

He almost got fired after WrestleMania 9 because he fell asleep at the airport. Chief Jay Strongbow said, ‘He’s high. Oh, look at that guy. I’ve gotta tell Caesar.’ Caesar, of course, is Vince. ‘We gotta get rid of this guy.’ He’d arrived to that conclusion by sitting across the way with his wife and me, ready to fly back to Connecticut, and there was Curtis on the other side dozing off… until we found out he had a sleep disorder, narcolepsy, whatever the hell it’s called, I’m probably naming it wrong. But Curtis battled through it and I liked Curtis.

Although his initial time with the company didn’t last much longer than that, later in the decade he was most well known as a manager. In 1997 he was at the side of Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and he would go on to reprise the same role after Chris Jericho joined the company. Despite only being at Jericho’s side for a month, Ross felt that Hughes really didn’t add much to what ‘The Ayatollah Of Rock And Rollah’ was doing.

I don’t know that Chris needed a heater. That was the kind of trend at that time. Diesel [Kevin Nash] became Shawn Michaels’ heater. ‘This guy’s got a heater…’ I don’t know where that [idea of superstars receiving bodyguards] came from.

With thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.