Jim Ross Comments On WWE’s “Stale” Booking

Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has admitted that despite pushing Superstars like Big E into more prominent positions, WWE’s booking has become stale.

Throughout his legendary announcing career, Jim Ross became synonymous with WWE, providing the soundtrack to many of the company’s most memorable moments.

However, Ross has been calling the action for WWE’s main rival AEW since April 2019 heading up an announce team that includes Excalibur and WCW stalwart Tony Schiavone.

Jim Ross reflected on his former wrestling home in a recent episode of his podcast Grilling JR. Despite the fact that WWE has moved the likes of Big E to the top of the card, Ross thinks that the company’s booking has become stale:

“I think the WWE’s booking has just gotten a little stale. They’re trying desperately, as you see on NXT and so forth, to get younger. I think Big E, he’s not a young pup but he’s a new face in that role, and I think that’s what they’re trying to do. It’s like starting the race a little late in the game, it’s going to take a little while to catch up and develop young stars.”

“I said this a million times on the show ad nauseam, wrestling fans love new. They love surprises, they love things that they can’t call, and I believe that to this very day. No matter what their age is, they love surprises.”

Jim Ross went on to compare the situation to that of AEW, where, despite using established stars, the company is putting them in matches that fans have yet to see:

“[AEW] is fresher. Even though they see Adam Cole, they haven’t seen him in this environment. They haven’t seen Adam Cole against CM Punk yet or Bryan Danielson yet. All these matches are there at Tony Khan’s disposal whenever he wants to use them.”

“Tony Khan has done a great job of getting these talents who aren’t necessarily young, but new and fresh, and therefore, their marriages/matches with other guys is going to be fresh. I think that’s where we are right now, and Tony did a good job of signing all these dudes that can work. They can work with each other, work as a team, they can do anything because they’re skilled.”

“WWE has got a lot of really good, young talents but it’s going to take a while for those talents to realize you’ve got to be a main eventer and raise your level of performance in every aspect of what you do. From your ring entrance to your ring attire to your music, finish hold, how you sell, everything. Everything changes and everything has to be elevated, and I think it’s going to take a while.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc