Jim Cornette Slams Jon Moxley As “Incapable” Of Certain Matches

Jon Moxley on his AEW debut.

Jim Cornette has singled out Jon Moxley as being to blame for a recent six-man tag match on AEW Dynamite.

In a match alongside Eddie Kingston and Darby Allin on the 29th September edition of AEW’s weekly show, the former AEW World Champion was on the winning side against former NXT Superstar Anthony Greene and Bear Country. The match was pretty much a one-way affair, with Greene also being given the Scorpion Death Drop by WWE Hall Of Famer Sting after the contest.

Despite the opinion of the fans in attendance, Cornette was less than impressed when he spoke about the match on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast.

Moxley, he’s the one to blame here. He can’t even have a match with job guys. They jump-started a match with job guys on the floor, and while Darby Allin and Anthony Greene were in the ring trying to do wrestling spots, everybody else was fighting on the floor with the referee paying no attention to what was going on on the floor. The cameras weren’t even shooting it. Just every once in a while, the shooting was going on in the ring, you see somebody throwing punches on the other side. So, the babyfaces won this obviously, and then they throw Anthony Greene to Sting, and he gives the Scorpion Death Drop.

It was an excuse to put the babyface on the show, but why do you have to have six-way chaos in a match with job guys? It looks like every other f*cking match. He’s incapable, Moxley, of having any other kind of match whatsoever. So, you know, it wasn’t horrible because there was names, but it wasn’t a good match.

Mox will again be part of a multi-man match on the next edition of AEW Dynamite, as he competes in the seven-man Casino Ladder Match to determine a number one contender to AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega.

With thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.