Jim Cornette Says “They’re Either Punishing Keith Lee Or Vince Is Really Interested”

Keith Lee
Credit: WWE

Jim Cornette has weighed in on Keith Lee’s WWE career thus far, claiming that it’s unclear whether he irritates Vince McMahon or if the WWE Chairman has taken a particular interest in him.

Lee has recently returned to action following a five-month hiatus due to health issues. Before WWE Raw on September 20th, the former NXT Champion battled in a dark match against a local opponent. He was presented as Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee during his entrance, which could be a hint to a new path for the star.

On The Jim Cornette Experience, the famed manager joked about Lee’s new identity, saying “Keith Lee to AEW confirmed.”

“Keith Lee to AEW confirmed, whenever his contract is up. What has this guy done? Not sure whether he’s pis**d Vince off or worse, even worse for him, whether Vince is taking a personal interest in him. I can’t tell these days which that is. They’re either punishing him or else Vince is really interested and this is exactly what he wants him to do.”

He went on to discuss the ‘Limitless One’s’ WWE career thus far, questioning whether the organisation is “rolling the dice” with his gimmick.

“I don’t know what to say. they put him in a tennis skirt at one point. They pulled him off television for months, of course we later found out it was a health issue. But when they put him back on television he’s just another one of the boys and they beat him as often as not. They changed his music. They switched him from one brand to another. Are they rolling dice on what his gimmick or name or music or personality or whether he’s a babyface or a heel?”

Keith Lee hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since August. There have been rumours that there was a plan in place to turn him heel with and that if Adam Cole had continued with the business, he would have served as Lee’s manager. Adam Cole, on the other hand, has denied ever hearing about the scheme.