Jim Cornette: Luna Vachon Wanted To “Rip Sable Limb From Limb”

Sable during her time in WWE.

Jim Cornette has spoken of an occasion backstage where Luna Vachon had to be talked out of ripping Sable “limb from limb” and throwing her in an equipment case.

Sable joined WWE alongside her husband Marc Mero in March 1996. Originally seen on-screen at the side of Triple H, she debuted at WrestleMania XII and eventually moved to the side of her husband after he saw how she was being mistreated by Hunter Hearst Helmsley, as he was known at the time.

The pair would eventually feud the following year, as the female star received the adoration from the crowd that Mero was expecting, eventually seeing him align with Jacqueline instead.

After the pair’s on-screen split, Sable’s stock continued to rise within WWE whilst Mero was seen less frequently. Her popularity also translated to outside the wrestling world, where she appeared on the cover of Playboy twice in the same year, becoming the first star to do so.

Heading in to the 1999 Royal Rumble, she was feuding with Luna Vachon which led to a match between the pair. Vachon famously didn’t get on with Sable, and was known as someone not to mess with.

Speaking on an episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, the man who worked in many backstage positions in the company has spoken of how it was at this time Vachon wanted to really take it to go all out.

People had to talk Luna into not ripping Sable limb from limb. I think, was that at one point she told me she was just gonna grab her and throw her in one of those big equipment cases and shut the fu*king lid.

Cornette described an incident at the Rumble where Vachon was not happy that Sable was not willing to take a shot from the WWE Women’s Championship belt.

The finish was gonna be, I think Luna would clock Sable somehow with the belt, and do something, pin, I don’t know. Sable was scared of getting hit with the belt. Luna came back because I think I may have been the one to deliver the finish, or the news to her. She just came to me like, ‘what do I do? She don’t want me to hit her with the belt.’ I said, ‘did you show her how you were going to hit her with the belt?’

So finally they compromised and instead of whacking her over the back of the head with the belt in a working way, they made Luna take the belt and shove it into Sable’s back, and she took some kind of horrible crumple. And Luna was pi**ed off.

Sable eventually left WWE in June 1999 amid a cloud of controversy, and only had one further short stint with the company in 2003. Luna Vachon also left the company the following year, and sadly passed away on 27th August 2010, aged 48.

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