Jim Cornette Explains Difference Between “Genius” Dusty Rhodes & Son Cody

The Rhodes Family - Cody, Dusty & Dustin
The Rhodes Family (photo: WWE)

Jim Cornette has discussed the difference between Cody Rhodes and his father ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, calling the latter “a genius booker”.

Cody Rhodes returned to the ring for All Elite Wrestling at The Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, where he faced Malakai Black on AEW Grand Slam. His wife Brandi Rhodes also returned to the screen that night at his side having given birth to the couple’s first child.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Cornette gave his opinion on the match and how he sees ‘The American Nightmare’ as having a different approach to wrestling than his father.

Here’s the thing, he’s the opposite of his father because his father was a genius booker who could make himself a beloved, underdog babyface, no matter what, but his in-ring work, especially as he aged, wasn’t to the level of the other guys in the territories because he was so over and because he was able to talk and book. He stayed over all the babyfaces.

Cody is the exact opposite. He can go in the ring, he doesn’t wrestle like all the others. He’s actually good, he can work, he was the first one in the company and the only one in the company that was having wrestling matches that made sense, that weren’t funny, didn’t have obvious cooperation, didn’t involve all the children. But his booking and overbooking, he was the best babyface when they started and, by the time he’s finished booking himself, the people hate him which was the exact opposite of his father.

With Black winning the return match, many elements of the crowd appear to cheer the victor and boo Cody. Cornette feels this may be due to Brandi being “shoehorned” in to an on-screen position just because she’s married to the former TNT Champion.

A lot of the heat comes from, everybody can see Brandi is just being shoehorned into the picture wherever because she has to be on television whether there is any applicable reason for her to be there or not and she’s not a good wrestler. The only good promo she gave in her life was against Jade Cargill and people can tell she’s there because she’s his wife. For a heel it would work, for a face it hasn’t.

With thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.