Jerry Lawler Reveals Absurd Line That Got Him Pulled Off Raw

Jerry Lawler talks to Michael Cole at announce desk

Jerry Lawler, a WWE Hall of Famer, has spoken out about the controversial remark that led to his removal from the Monday Night Raw announce desk.

While still competing in the ring, Jerry “The King” Lawler began appearing as a commentator on WWE television in the early 1990s. Over the next few years, his matches became increasingly rare, with Lawler joining Jim Ross at the WWE announce table for the vaunted Attitude Era.

Jerry Lawler surprisingly left the company following the release of his then-wife, The Kat. After that relationship broke down Lawler returned just nine months later after the WWE had vanquished The Alliance ending the Invasion storyline.

Lawler’s final full-time stint on commentary lasted from 2019 to April 2020. During this time, he oversaw the action alongside Tom Phillips, Vic Joseph, and Byron Saxton. However, the Hall of Famer was abruptly pulled off commentary after referring to Akira Tozawa’s moonsault as a “ramen noodle moonsault.”

Lawler confirmed at K & S WrestleFest that it was this ill-conceived remark that ended his full-time commentary career:

“The next thing, [Tozawa] goes to the top of the rope and he flies off and I looked at Byron and I said ‘oh look, there’s a ramen noodle moonsault.’ What is racist about that? I thought it was funny. That’s a ridiculous name, right? And all of a sudden, the internet blows up.”

“‘Oh, King’s a racist.’ Even Tozawa, the next week comes back and says ‘it’s nothing racist. I eat ramen noodles every week.’ But the next week I wasn’t on Raw anymore. So I don’t know if that’s what happened but anyway, you got to be very careful.”

Jerry Lawler continues to work for WWE despite the fact that he is no longer a member of the commentary team. The Memphis wrestling legend continues to appear as an analyst on WWE pay-per-view kick-off shows.

Away from the WWE Despite being 71 years old, Lawler is still active in the ring. In September, “The King” wrestled another veteran, former WCW Champion and noted mathematician Scott Steiner, in Tunica, Mississippi.

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