Jeff Hardy Marks Return Of Fans To WWE By Bringing Back Popular Theme Music (Video)

Jeff Hardy

It’s not just superstars that have been making their returns as WWE resumed live touring this weekend.

On the July 19th edition of Raw, Jeff Hardy made his entrance for his match with NXT Champion Karrion Kross soundtracked by his popular No More Word theme tune.

The track, performed by Hardy’s band PeroxWhy?Gen was last used around 2008 when the Charismatic Enigma was at the peak of his singles career popularity in WWE.

Early in the pandemic era, Hardy revealed in an interview that WWE had been planning to bring back the song but now planned to wait until fans returned before doing so.

They didn’t waste any time, that’s for sure.

It clearly acted as a good luck charm for Hardy as he was bewilderingly booked to defeat the undefeated NXT Champion Kross in less than 2 minutes.