JBL On Whether The APA Were Sent “After People” By Vince McMahon

The APA - Farooq & Bradshaw

The APA were known as an extremely hard-hitting tag team within WWE, however JBL has addressed rumours that he and Ron Simmons were sent “after people” by Vince McMahon.

Simmons, formerly Farooq, and John Bradshaw Layfield where brought together as The Acolytes as part of The Undertaker’s Ministry Of Darkness. After that group disbanded, the pair soon became known as The Acolytes Protection Agency.

Speaking on his Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, WWE Hall Of Famer JBL confirmed that he and Simmons were never used by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to take it to people at his request.

The one thing that never happened, you know people talk about, ‘Vince sent us after people.’ That 100 percent never happened. They never said go after this tag team or beat these guys up or do this or do that. We were never, not one time, told anything like that by anybody in the WWE, as far as agents or anything else. That became a myth later. Everybody has revisionist history. They start changing things over time.

Despite the fact the pair were never sent in to the ring with an ulterior motive, there is one match where they didn’t end up with much choice. The much discussed contest between The APA and Public Enemy ended up in a legitimate on-screen brawl. However, JBL has also said this came about due to a lack of respect.

They came in that day and they walked in the building at 5:30. The show started at like 6:30 or doors at 6:30. They wouldn’t even come on time. They’d come late, they’d come walking in, they’d make a grand entrance coming in. They flaunted the rules. They didn’t show much respect at all when they came in. I think we kind of thought that was an outlier but we didn’t know because we didn’t see a lot of ECW because we were on the road every night.

With thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.