Is It Time To End The WWE Brand Split?

WWE Draft

There have been rumors of a possible WWE Draft happening again after SummerSlam. A shake up of the brands to possibly make things a bit more interesting in the WWE. And that is something that is much needed because as we have seen with RAW, things are getting pretty stale.

But is another Draft really the way to go? We have seen in recent months that even with separate brands, the WWE brain trust only likes to focus on the people at the top of the card. You could fill in the segments on RAW with about a dozen people. Smackdown has less time but seems to be able to get more people on the show.

The recent string of WWE releases over the last two months has thinned the roster a bit more. The WWE still has a ton of people on the main roster but doesn’t even bother trying to do anything with people like Ricochet, Mustafa Ali, Liv Morgan etc. They maybe get a match once or twice a week. So even if another Draft takes place, will it really fix anything again? Do we have to pretend like people from USA and FOX are actually drafting these people?

So what is my proposal to fix all of this? That’s simple. And given my arguments that I just made about not featuring certain people you may think it is counter productive, but I will explain. My idea is to simply end the brand split all together. Go back to one roster with wrestlers having the ability to appear on every show.

I am someone who has always been very pro brand split from the beginning. I liked the idea when the roster was big enough, they had separate GMs and actually put effort into making new stars thanks to the brand split. But they barely try that anymore. Shows get rewritten hours before them. Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce run both shows. Nothing feels really distinct about these shows any more outside of the wrestlers that appear on them.

So, how do we go about one big full brand WWE show? Well to start we need to merge some titles. That will stop things like New Day being 11 time tag team champs and Charlotte Flair being a 10 time women’s champ. So we are merging the tag titles, the women’s titles and the WWE/Universal title. We are also merging the women’s tag titles back together. I am keeping both the US and Intercontinental titles however. I have no problem with two mid card titles, and if the World Champ isn’t on you can try to build up these titles as meaning something.

The next thing I am doing, and the WWE won’t due it because AEW uses it, is adding a ranking system. AEW kind of uses it when needed and not all the time, but I like the idea of it. It makes, gasp, wins and losses actually matter. That means no more matches constantly ending in DQ or interference. Build people up with wins so they can rise up the rankings to earn title shots. This also means no more start/stop pushes. No changing scripts hours before the show. Set a path and go with it.

Now I know what you are thinking: Justin, how will we get under utilized guys some time on TV and make sure Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre don’t take up both shows. Well as I said, you need to start by planning out shows before hand and knowing who you will need for RAW and Smackdown. Don’t put Roman Reigns or Charlotte Flair on each show. Hell keep them on their respective shows and let some mid card people just freely move around. Explain to both networks that this helps your brand and ratings if you have to.

But one thing I would do is dedicate two half hour segments of RAW each week to something you can called “Rankings Riser” matches. Say from 8:30pm-9:00 pm and 9:30-10:00pm we only get matches not ranked in the Top 10, with their main goal to obviously rise in the rankings with wins. Give these guys exposure and a chance to get over with an audience.

I would also make Main Event on the Network pretty much your AEW Dark show. But you know, actually hype up matches before hand as chances for guys to rise up the rankings with wins. You have a Performance Center, you have Full Sail which I am sure will be open again soon. Let these guys and girls go down there and wrestle matches on these shows where they can get some work.

This has to be better than what we are seeing on RAW and Smackdown nowadays. The Smackdown women’s roster has SEVEN active competitors on it. We also get the same combination of tag teams wrestling on each show. On RAW, Charlotte Flair pretty much dominates every women’s segment. It is her and whoever else is lucky to be in her segment.

Something needs to change with the WWE and I don’t think another Draft is the answer. It is time to end the brand split and go back to one big roster.