IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Highlights: Chelsea Green, Tasha Steelz & Rosemary

Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill Ultimate X Match Graphic

At Hard to Kill, history will be made when six of IMPACT Wrestling’s most impressive Knockouts go to war for the chance to become the new number one contender for the Knockouts Championship. To add extra spice, it’s the first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match?

With these high stakes, and even higher risks, these six women’s minds must be swarmed with strategies and thoughts. Press members were given the opportunity to get inside the heads of three contenders of the match; Chelsea Green, Tasha Steelz and Rosemary, when they joined IMPACT Wrestling’s Press Pass recently, hosted by Gail Kim. Among those press outlets were us here at Hooked On Sport, and here are some of the highlights.

Hooked On Wrestling:In the lead-up to your high-stakes match at Hard to Kill, I wanted to revisit your roots in pro wrestling. With it being a combination of so many variables, such as storytelling, physicality, character, theatrics; what element of the sport appealed to you the most when you began watching?

Steelz: For me, it was the stories and promos. I’m all about psychology and whilst I was training, that was one of my biggest focal points. I love a good storyteller; someone that can really talk on a microphone, and not be afraid to say certain things or of the reaction from the crowd. There are skills in this business that anyone can learn, but that’s something I think should come before the physical part of it.

Kim: When I started watching wrestling, it really was all about the storylines and characters, they were what sucked you in, and for me, I fell in love with the sport afterwards. I think most were drawn in by the stories, I mean, Rosemary, you can speak for characters…

Rosemary: Whaaat?! How dare you.

Best of the rest

Besides your own match, which are you guys most excited to watch on the Hard to Kill card?

Green: I mean, I’d be crazy if I didn’t say I was excited for my now-husband’s match, against Moose and W. Morrissey for the MPACT Wrestling World Championship. I want to see Matt [Cardona] walk away with that title… but also, I think the whole world will be tuning in to watch Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo 2.

All us girls will certainly be keeping a close eye on that one for sure, because that ties directly in with why we’re having this Ultimate X match; who will we be challenging?

Steelz: Ditto, Purrazzo vs. James is up there. I need to see who I’m going to be facing after I win the Ultimate X match.

Rosemary: The Knockouts Championship match is certainly up there, but I’m also excited for the Josh Alexander vs. Jonah match. When Josh is angry, bad things happen to whoever is in the ring with him.

What does it mean to you three respectively to be a part of this historic match?

Rosemary: Everything.We’ve all said before in interviews that we’ve been campaigning for this match since the end of 2016. Chelsea and I in particular have said a lot that we should be given a chance to do everything that the guys get to do.

The Ultimate X match in particular is such a TNA/IMPACT Wrestling iconic staple. There aren’t a hell of a lot of ‘firsts’ left in the business, but an all-female X Division match is one of them, and it is IMPACT specific, because that match is ours.

Green: I couldn’t agree with Rosemary more. I also think we have to give it to Impact; they might be one of the only companies to put their Knockouts on the same pedestal that the men are on. And they’ve always done that.

Back when I first came to IMPACT, I didn’t even think twice about the fact I main evented an IMPACT show; it wasn’t a novelty, it was just normal. And the same can be said for intergender wrestling, that’s been happening for years here too.

You can watch IMPACT Wrestling’s Hard to Kill PPV this Saturday, 8th January, available to order now from FITE TV.