IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Highlights: The Good Brothers

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… the return of Impact Wrestling’s weekly Press Pass series! This week’s guests were none other than the reigning Impact World Tag Team Champions Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson, The Good Brothers.

Hosted by D’Lo Brown, press from all over the world chimed in to speak to the champs, including us at Hooked On Wrestling. The Good Brothers members discuss the current Impact Tag Team division, the “forbidden door”, being valued by their company.

The Good Brothers also gained a lot of prominence from their Talk ‘n’ Shop A Mania production, which was a balance of their serious business in the ring and the lighter side of wrestling. I asked how they managed to get that balance right.

(Gallows) I think it’s situational. Talk N Shop A Mania we liked to call an ‘alternate universe’, where we can turn on a different side of our personalities like you see on our podcast. The podcast & those shows are both ways to express our sense of humour, but at Impact Wrestling in the ring, or in AEW as members of The Elite, in New Japan,; then it’s all business.

As an entertainer, you have to be able to show those sides, that’s what range truly is. Over the last couple of years especially, Karl & I have shown we have it.

(Anderson) We have lots of range, we’re highly-skilled actors, as you can tell from the ‘Boner Yard Match’. I think if you know us, it comes across that we like to make people laugh. That’s our true personal identities, we like to make people laugh. In the ring sometimes you gotta be serious or mean, but it’s fun to switch between the twoo by also having that Talk N Shop outlet to be funny.

There were times on Impact where we’ve tried to be funny and we’ve been pulled aside by management and they said ‘that wasn’t really the time’. Sometimes I think the only people who think it’s funny are us. But you gotta take chances you know…

With Serena Deeb and CM Punk now both working in AEW where The Good Brothers have made regular appearances whilst being under contract to IMPACT Wrestling, I was curious if there was a chance that the duo would go back to their Straight Edge Society days.

(Gallows) I really don’t, just because I feel like that chapter of the book is kinda closed for everybody. That’s a piece of WWE history that’s over a decade old now. I have a fond remembrance of the group and have always said I thought it could have gone further. But now, Serena is well-established in her career as a singles performer, CM Punk brings insane star power to the product just on his own. And me, I’m undoubtedly part of one of the best tag teams in the entire world.

The Good Brothers, we’re an act now. It isn’t something that could just break up and come back together; we’re brothers, business partners & best buddies. So, I think it’s probably better to leave that in the past. But you know, I might come back as Festus.

(Brown) I’d pay to see Festus come back.

(Anderson) Royal Rumble.

There were plenty of other interesting topics discussed through the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass with The Good Brothers, and here is the best of the rest.

Going into Bound for Glory, what are your thoughts on the tag title situation right now?

(Gallows) I’d say that Machine Gun & I are marked men. The proverbial “forbidden door” is not only open, but has been kicked down in Impact Wrestling. We got teams from New Japan like Bullet Club, FinJuice; we’ve got teams from Impact & teams from AEW looking across, gunning for us.

But we’re totally prepared, D’Lo. It’s that same old recipe that we say on Impact Wrestling each & every week, it’s a Magic Killer, a 1-2-3 & a just Too Sweet. It’s been working for years, and it’s gonna work again at Bound for Glory.

(Anderson) One issue that the good brother & I never have is a lack of confidence. Whether we win a match, whether we lose a match- we know we’re gonna bounce back next. Walking into Bound for Glory, I feel like we’ve cemented what we came to Impact Wrestling to do. Come Bound for Glory, we’re just gonna keep doing what The Good Brothers do and that is, no matter what, making headlines.

Doc, you mentioned the “forbidden door”, you two have gone through that door more than anyone else. How does it feel to be working in different companies representing Impact Wrestling?

(Gallows) It’s a high honour, but like I said, we’re used to being marked men & sometimes walking into those places, we don’t feel as at home as we do at Impact Wrestling. When you walk in, guys wanna know what the hell you’re doing there. We’re front and centre on AEW most weeks.

We jumped over to New Japan Pro Wrestling for the Tag Team Turbulence tournament, which we won, to re-establish ourselves in that company. There sure is a lot of weight on your shoulders, but we’re confident guys and you just gotta do it, gotta wear it. We wanted that door to be open, and it’s damn sure open now.

(Anderson) I feel like [members of other rosters] know what we come to do. We’re there to win matches and to make as absolutely much money as possible. So everywhere we go, we’re not liked, but that’s not something the big LG & I lose much sleep about. You start to think about that stuff, you’re gonna start losing matches and you’re gonna start losing money. And we don’t wanna lose either of those.

You guys have achieved so much in the past year and a half, but at one point you were on the bench for a while without a reason. How does it feel in comparison to now, working for a company that values you?

(Gallows) I think we can both say we’re about as professionally happy as we’ve ever been. Impact has given us the opportunity to wave the Impact flag on their show, but also to wave it all around the world. We’re doing it well, and when the world opens back up fully, we’re going to be doing it even more. There’s nowhere that we won’t hold the tag team titles. We’re both very proud men, and we have a lot to be proud of.

(Anderson) Impact came calling to the LG & I at a time where we weren’t sure where we were gonna end up, or what we were gonna do. We knew that we were gonna end up fine and land on our feet, but didn’t know where. Impact came along and gave us the chance to really show what we could do.

We’re proud to be with Impact & we want to be for a long time. Them allowing New Japan teams to come in, AEW teams, allowing Kenny Omega to come into the Impact Zone; all this stuff is very special. No matter where we end up at any point in the future, we know we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for Impact Wrestling.

To keep your belt collection going, now that The Young Bucks aren’t holding them anymore, will we ever see you be Unified AEW & Impact Tag Team champions?

(Gallows) We love accolades, we love trophy collecting, we love cheque-cashing and we got big ass mantles, so I don’t think there’s any reason not to. We’d absolutely love to go for those titles.

(Anderson) Those are tag team championships we haven’t held yet. It’s one of the only top companies in the world where we haven’t held those tag championships yet. So, our eyes are definitely on them.

(Brown) As an Impact guy, I would love to see our greatest team go over and show the world that they’re the greatest team, in ANY company. I’d love to see The Good Brothers bring those championships home.

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