IMPACT Wrestling Genesis: Results

Impact Genesis Super X Cup
Credit: IMPACT

The 12th IMPACT Genesis has taken place in Nashville, Tennessee and featured an ‘I Quit’ match plus the Super X-Cup Tournament. Here are the results:

Quarter Finals of the Super X Cup:

Ace Austin defeated Suicide

Blake Christian defeated KC Navarro

Cousin Jake defeated Daivari

Crazzy Steve defeated Tre Lamar

Semi Finals of the Super X Cup:

Ace Austin defeated Cousin Jake

Blake Christian defeated Crazzy Steve

Jazz vs Jordynne Grace:

After almost getting the pin following a Tornado DDT, Jazz came up short when Grace reversed Jazz’s pin attempt into a successful one of her own.

Super X Cup Final:

Ace Austin defeated Blake Christian. The match culminated when Austin tried for The Fold but was countered into a rollup. A series near-falls followed by multiple strikes, counters and reversals before Austin delivered The Fold from out of nowhere for the pin. He becomes the fourth ever winner of the Super X Cup Tournament and joins past winners Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe, and Dezmond Xavier in the history books.

Moose vs Willie Mack: ‘I Quit’ Match:

Willie Mack got launched over the guardrail, Powerbombed through a table from the corner ON TO THE FLOOR but still wouldn’t say the words ‘I quit.’

Luckily for Mack and his career, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rich Swann was looking out for his well-being. Swann ran to the ring and told Moose that if he gives up the match he’ll get a shot at the World Championship. Moose accepts, says “Thank you. I quit” and gives the win to a very broken Willie Mack.