If Fusient Bought WCW #15: Who’s Ready For The Beach?

If Fusient Bought WCW: Jeff Jarrett

It’s Bash at the Beach 2001 weekend, and the card has taken some serious shape. Booker T will attempt to regain the WCW World title from Goldberg as animosity between the two friends grows each week. Meanwhile, new faction The Chosen Few want to end Ric Flair’s career for good, but Sting and Bam Bam Bigelow will have his back at the PPV as two sides go to war.

Elsewhere, it will be champions vs champions as Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo face Rey Misterio Jr and Billy Kidman with the former’s heavyweight tag straps on the line; Chris Kanyon must give Rob Van Dam another shot at the United States title with no DQs and no countouts, and three men fight to be next in line for the Big Gold Belt as Diamond Dallas Page, Scott Steiner and Lance Storm clash in a triangle match.

The go-home Saturday Nitro will tell us who meets ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms for the cruiserweight title when Jason Jett and Elix Skipper meet in the final of a contenders tournament. Plus, Booker and Goldberg go face-to-face one final time before BATB and we hope to find out if The Nature Boy will find a fourth man for the PPV or if he’ll really attempt to take down Jarrett’s crew 3-on-4…

Saturday Nitro episode 11 – July 21, 2001

Jeff Jarrett leads the Chosen Few and Torrie Wilson out to the ring. Jarrett says in 24 short hours, his Chosen Few go to war with Ric Flair and his allies, and that they plan on ending the war after just one battle. He then demands that the Nature Boy reveals his entire team for the eight-man tag tonight.

Flair arrives on the stage and is joined by Sting and Bam Bam Bigelow. He says he has two team-mates who hate the Chosen Few as much as he does, and whether a fourth guy steps up or not they will take the fight to them tomorrow. But, Sting says, they don’t want to wait until then for a fight so how about one of them fights one of the Few tonight? Douglas takes the mic and says that’s great for him, as he wants to finish what he started with Bigelow.

Cruiserweight four-on-four kicked off the in-ring festivities on BATB weekend, with champion Shane Helms leading Super Crazy and Air Raid up against Chavo Guerrero Jr, Tajiri and the Jung Dragons. Or at least, it should have been those four, but Chavo decided upon reaching the ring with Shannon Moore that he didn’t fancy participating and had Moore take his place.

Crazy spent the match trying to get his hands on Tajiri while Air Raid and the Dragons ended up brawling out of sight after a sequence of dives onto each other. Tajiri continued to elude Crazy but the Insane Luchador picked up the win on Moore after 11:41, earning Shannon another ticking-off and shoving around by Chavo. Tajiri then snuck up on Crazy and misted him in the face for a third straight time, fleeing before Helms could get his hands on him.

All three contenders in Sunday’s triangle match were assigned singles tune-up opponents tonight, with DDP kicking the trio of contests off against old friend and rival Kanyon. For the second time in 2001, however, Kanyon was able to get the better of Page, reversing a Diamond Cutter attempt into a roll-up and his feet on the ropes for the upset after 9:55.

A scheduled contest between York & Matthews and the FBI was scuppered when Knoble and Kash attacked the babyfaces once again, this time during their entrance. With Glenn Gilbertti and his men still in the ring, dumbfounded, the Mamalukes showed up and challenged the ‘two little punks’ to ‘come see how real Italians fight’. This led to…

…The Mamalukes beating the FBI by DQ in 4:44 when Gilbertti called upon the backup troops, Simon Diamond and Swinger, to leave his old associates laying in a 5-on-2. They took a powder when Norman Smiley, Alex Wright and Crowbar showed up for the save.

Ahead of Dustin Rhodes taking on Lance Storm, the pre-tape of ‘The Natural’ giving this week’s sitdown interview aired. Dustin discussed how happy he is to be back in WCW and spending more time with his father, who is working backstage again as an agent.

When asked if he will be the fourth man on Flair’s side after Sting and Bigelow seemed to answer the call last week, he says he will not as he has been granted a grudge match against Mike Awesome. Besides, he admits he’s not convinced he can trust Flair, after everything they’ve all been through. In closing, when asked what his year’s goals are, he says he plans on settling the score with Awesome and trying to regain some WCW gold.

Rhodes went on to lose to Storm thanks to a steel chair shot by Awesome while Lance kept the ref distracted, leading to an easy cover at 8:39.

Shane Douglas v Bam Bam Bigelow went to a no-contest after only 4:24 when the Chosen Few interfered and Sting and Flair interjected with the bats. During the fracas, Douglas was able to bust BBB open with his chain once more. As the heels retreated, Sting and Flair tended to Bigelow and his crimson mask.

As the trio went to leave the ring after the break, the music of Shawn Stasiak hit as he and Stacy Keibler walked out onto the stage. Keibler says they know Flair and Sting are missing Lex Luger, their buddy, who they’d love to have as the fourth man, but fret not: the new and improved Total Package will save the day at BATB. The two pose and throw signed photos of themselves to the crowd as Flair, Sting and Bigelow look far from impressed.

It will be Elix Skipper who challenges Shane Helms for the Cruiserweight title in 24 hours after Primetime beat Jason Jett by DQ after 7:51 in the contendership finals. Skipper’s new buddy, Christopher Daniels, made his way to ringside during the bout but when he eventually tried to interfere, he was thwarted by the arrival of Low Ki who chased him into the ring… but then attacked Skipper, inadvertently costing Jett a title shot. Ki apologised profusely to Jett as Skipper and Daniels danced off, loving their luck.

Jarrett is on the phone backstage, bragging to someone about how he has tomorrow’s tag match in the bag – Bigelow’s hurt, Stasiak isn’t on the same page as any of them and only cares about himself, and then there’s Sting and Flair teaming up – he asks the guy on the phone if Sting really thinks he can trust Flair as a team-mate AGAIN?

He finishes by saying the master plan of fooling the world and creating a new and improved Magnificent Seven is 24 hours away from completion, before hanging up and walking off. It just so happened that he took the call outside the medical room, where Bigelow is getting his cut stapled and heard the whole thing.

Scott Steiner’s assigned singles match came against RVD, which gave Van Dam the chance at revenge after hurting his groin on the turnbuckles in tag action courtesy of Big Poppa Pump last week.

Unfortunately for RVD, he would suffer more damage to that region during the match and when he managed to put the former World Champion on the back foot, Kanyon ran down with a chair for the DQ at 6:23.

The US champ made sure to tenderise RVD’s groin and legs more with the weapon before The Cat himself came to the ring to get him to leave. Kanyon considered attacking Miller with the chair, but upon threat of being stripped of the title, walked off.

Finally, Miller stuck around to oversee the main event confrontation between Booker T and Goldberg in the broadcast’s final segment.

Again, Sharmell accompanied Booker and again, she interrupted aggressively on behalf of her man. The words between the two wrestlers over previous weeks came back up and things got heated to the point that, with the help of Sharmell’s provocation, the show ended with the two brawling and KOing the Cat in the process.

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