If Fusient Bought WCW #143: Deadly Allegiances

If Fusient Bought WCW: Raven

JULY 16, 2003: AIRTIME #78

The following matches were filmed at the last Nitro taping:

  • Team Canada (Young, Devine, Roode and Legend) defeated Chris Sabin, Frankie Kazarian, Jerrelle Clark and CM Punk when Roode drilled Clark with a Northern Lariat in 9:24.
  • Jamie Knoble rebounded from his loss of the cruiserweight title with victory over Julio Dinero, hitting a Tiger Bomb in 7:01.
  • It was confirmed that Red and Jimmy Yang would challenge The Rejected for the cruiserweight tag team titles at BATB.
  • Paul London and Brian Kendrick defeated Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis when a distraction by Trinity and a trip by Glenn Gilbertti set up Sliced Bread #2 on Psicosis in 14:33.

JULY 19, 2003: SATURDAY NITRO #115

Just 24 hours before Bash at the Beach where the awesome triple cage is lowered for the first time in almost three years, and 24 hours before Raven attempts to slay one of the most intimidating monsters in recent wrestling history, the two worlds merge thanks in part to Sean O’Haire’s collusion with the New Church last week. Tonight’s main event will be O’Haire and Abyss teaming to face the unique pairing of Sting and Raven!

Also, despite defending the cruiserweight title at the PPV, Kid Kash has demanded Johnny Stamboli one-on-one tonight. Christopher Daniels has called out Jeff Jarrett for a singles match, too. And though the Hardcore Revolution and the Extreme Horsemen are banned from the building, we’ll hear pre-recorded comments from both groups ahead of the first ever Guerrilla Gangfight Death Match.

Taped on July 11 in Orlando.

We got straight into the thick of the action to begin the show as Christopher Daniels came out with his co-tag champion Elix Skipper by his side. His singles match with Jeff Jarrett served as a preview of the tag title match pitting Triple X against JJ and Chris Harris, who seconded Jeff tonight, at the PPV.

The champs used shady tactics to put Daniels in control after he spent the early going outfoxed by the former world champion veteran. Jarrett mounted a comeback and gained nearfalls with a number of trademark moves but when he strapped on the figure-four, Skipper came in for a clear DQ after 13:21. This quickly brought Harris in and a four-man brawl ensued before tomorrow’s challengers rallied to send XXX packing.

Steve Corino, Justin Credible, CW Anderson, Mike Awesome and Simon Diamond are stood in front of a backdrop for their final pre-BATB comments. Corino says the Extreme Horsemen outsmarted the Hardcore Revolution when they broke away and cost RVD his precious title rematch, they outfought them in the first battle and put two of their members out of WCW, they outlasted them in an elimination match and they won Extreme Warfare.

It boggles his mind why they find themselves doing this over and over again, but Van Dam did bring up a good point: the Revolution haven’t been put down, and now they’re in the same position the Horsemen were at the start of the year: fighting from underneath, plotting from underneath. At the PPV, Corino says they’ll fix that by putting the Revolution down for good.

Diamond then says victory is once again guaranteed – the only thing that isn’t yet a lock is exactly who they’re going to single out for a 4-on-1 beatdown and send to the ‘York and Matthews retirement home’. Anderson chips in, saying a broken arm is a guarantee. Credible then says he hopes it’s Jerry Lynn who gets beaten into putty, adding that he may just cripple Lynn himself if the match doesn’t do it naturally. And Awesome offers a prediction: pain.

Lance Storm again attempted to sub himself out of competition, this time when he was set to team with Bobby Roode and Joe Legend against the troubling trio of US title rivals D’Lo Brown, AJ Styles and Eddie Guerrero. This time, however, his ordering of Eric Young to step into the match was thwarted by the music of the Commissioner.

From the stage, Ric Flair told Storm that Young and Devine have a match of their own later, and that if Lance does not fulfil his contractual obligations he will be stripped of the title opportunity he earned, one that Flair assures Storm he will receive after BATB if he doesn’t piss Flair off before then.

Storm nonetheless did a rather stellar job of keeping his contributions to a minimum in the six-man tag. And almost turning things into a handicap match with the burden on his two relatively-inexperienced recruits was neutralised by the inevitability of their opponents failing to work as a team. Before too long, a preview of Triple Jeopardy broke out in the middle of the match and that allowed Roode and Legend to drill AJ with a double DDT before Coach Storm demanded the tag in for the cover at 10:49.

Father James Mitchell is with Tempest, Sinn and Slash. He says Abyss is currently in the darkest depths of the building, undergoing additional endurance training for tonight and tomorrow. But for those who watched last week and were stunned that Vince Russo and himself continue to conduct business together despite all the twists and turns and bad faith, consider it a lesson in how business is truly conducted.

He says the final example of that lesson will come at the end of tomorrow’s PPV, one year to the event that he and Russo took control of the company together, when Raven has been rendered subservient by the damage Abyss inflicts and Sting lays at the bottom of three steel cages, bloodied and beaten with O’Haire stood holding the WCW title 50 feet above him.

Kid Kash overcame Johnny Stamboli’s power advantage to score a big win ahead of his cruiserweight title defence on Sunday, pinning the Italian heavy with the Money Maker in 8:15. He was immediately jumped after the bout by his challenger Guido Maritato, who kept out of the entire match despite being at ringside before picking his spot. He stood over Kash with the belt held over his head to end the segment – and this time, there was no Hardcore Revolution to have Kash’s back.

Backstage, Jimmy Yang and The Amazing Red were asked by Jeremy Borash about their odd couple pairing that has made it all the way to a cruiser tag title shot in 24 hours. Before they can answer, however, they’re jumped by champions The Rejected. Yang and Red fight back and the brawl spills out into the arena, where security attempts to calm things down only to be on the receiving end of a dazzling Red corkscrew dive from the ring to outside, as well as Helms and Moore.

A four-way tag exhibition pitted Team Canada’s Young and Devine against Chris Sabin & Frankie Kazarian, the Hot Shots of Cassidy O’Reilly and Chase Stevens and the duo of CM Punk and Julio Dinero. Despite being perhaps the rank outsiders of the four, Punk and Dinero picked up their first win on WCW television when Punk hit a ‘Pepsi Twist’ on O’Reilly at the 7:20 mark.

A video package looks at the long, complex and combustible history of Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and a host of supporting players.

This linked into the next contest, where the 3LK’s BG James had challenged Kidman to a singles match ahead of the 10-man tag at the PPV. Everybody – including Torrie Wilson and Glenn Gilbertti – was ejected from ringside for this one.

Kidman mostly played cat-and-mouse with his larger opponent before working on James’ leg momentarily, similar to his focus on Rey Mysterio’s knee. BG fought back with his trademark fists but he took forever recovering from the subsequent kneedrop due to that legwork. Nonetheless, he battled out of a Kid Krusher attempt and hit a pumphandle slam only for London, Kendrick, Siaki and Bentley to race down for a DQ in 6:44.

Ron Killings, Konnan, Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis weren’t far behind but Glenn Gilbertti and the entourage of valets were able to ensure GGE took control. That ended, however, when the music of Rey Mysterio hit and the masked man returned to turn the tide and get some right hands in on Kidman!

His knee, in fairness, did not look 100% but hatred and adrenaline carried him through. As GGE retreated he took the mic and told his friends that as much as he appreciates them having his back the last few weeks and at the PPV, he wants in on the 10-man tag!

We cut to a shot of the old ECW arena and inside are Rob Van Dam, Jerry Lynn, Super Crazy and Tajiri. RVD says this building was the site of the four of them beating the hell out of each other. It was the site of the Extreme Horsemen beating the hell out of each other, too. In fact, there were so many rivalries, vendettas, alliances and betrayals that it is impossible to remember them all.

One of the main reasons those things are so foggy is because when you worked here, you weren’t just fighting your opponent but the bigger companies, tradition, society and politics, he continues. That’s why everybody who wrestled here felt a brotherhood, regardless of how much of each other’s blood they spilt.

Lynn then adds that the Horsemen showed their character when they traded that in for a little extra advancement in WCW. But it’s telling that despite them cheating their way to wins in every battle, the Revolution will never accept defeat in the war. He says it kills them inside to know that they can never kill off that camaraderie. And on Sunday, they’re going to beat them at their own game. Divide and conquer, seek and destroy. Super Crazy then adds that they’re willing to hurt themselves to destroy the Horsemen. Tajiri finishes by saying tomorrow, they pay the price for their betrayal.

Sting and Raven were understandably uneasy allies against Abyss and Sean O’Haire – but helping their struggles to work together was the fact that tonight’s main event broke down into a wild brawl within five minutes of any time it resembled a regular tag bout. The two BATB grudge matches often paired off, and it wasn’t until Triple X ran down that the referee finally accepted that the match was out of control and called it a no-contest at 16:52.

Jeff Jarrett and Chris Harris weren’t far behind the tag champions and the melee only amplified. Meanwhile, Raven and Abyss brawled their way over to the stage before Raven, who had been showing the world throughout the fight that he had enough to faze the monster, sent Abyss – and himself – hurtling off the platform and through a pair of tables beneath.

Next time: Bash At The Beach 2003!