If Fusient Bought WCW #142: Showdown At The Power Plant

If Fusient Bought WCW: Sting

JULY 9, 2003: AIRTIME #77

Matches filmed at the last Nitro taping were:

  • The Amazing Red defeating Shannon Moore in 8:12 by reversing Bottom’s Up into a cradle for the surprising three count. The enraged Rejected duo attacked after the bell until Jimmy Yang made the save, but he too ended up laid out. As the cruiser tag champs went to depart, Yang challenged Helms to face him next, leading to…
  • Yang beating Helms in 11:29 with an O’Connor Roll out of an attempted Vertebreaker. This time, another Rejected attack was countered by Jimmy and Red, as the two popular cruisers sent Shane and Shannon packing and stood tall.
  • A previously unaired clip was played, showing JB attempting – and failing – to get comments from Brian Kendrick and Paul London after Nitro had ended.
  • Super Crazy and Tajiri beating Guido Maritato and Johnny Stamboli by DQ when Stamboli used a stickball bat on the faces at the 9:22 mark. Kid Kash rushed down and fought off both for a moment until the bat was used on him by Guido, and it took RVD and Jerry Lynn to come out next before the Italians finally fled.

JULY 12, 2003: SATURDAY NITRO #114

There was chaos outside the building in Orlando an hour before Nitro was due to begin, as RVD, Jerry Lynn, Super Crazy and Tajiri brawled with Mike Awesome, CW Anderson, Justin Credible and Simon Diamond in a war that spilled out of the pre-show locker rooms and around the queueing fans.

Security had to be at their best to diffuse things before a fan was hurt, with Ric Flair and his right hand man Arn Anderson overseeing the delicate situation. The Commissioner was heard apologising to the fans outside, and WCW.com reported just before the show went on air that both factions would be banned from shows until Bash At The Beach, where they will lock horns once more in a match to be determined by Flair. And more chaos was expected with the website reporting that Sean O’Haire had invited Sting to confront him at the Power Plant.

Taped on July 10 in Orlando.

Commentary welcomes us to the show and go over what happened earlier, including footage and a rundown of the Hardcore Revolution/Extreme Horsemen feud.

The opening contest saw cruiserweight champ Kid Kash team with Jimmy Yang and The Amazing Red to face cruiserweight tag champions The Rejected and Guido Maritato. Kash was unable to get his hands on Guido but did wipe out Johnny Stamboli as well as Shane and Shannon with a flip dive to the outside before making the official cover on Moore in 11:46 after Yang Time and a Red Star Press put him down between the ropes. It was again clear that Yang and Red had enough between them to trouble the titlists – but Kash would have to wait until BATB to get revenge on Maritato, when the Italian will have a shot at the title serving as his carrot.

Backstage, Christopher Daniels tells JB that Triple X find it pathetic that Chris Harris has gone running to Jeff Jarrett as some kind of surrogate for James Black after they took his buddy out. Elix Skipper then adds that Commissioner Flair has booked them to face Jarrett and Harris tonight, but that they flat-out refuse to put the titles on the line against “two random losers”. In fact, they’re so confident such a makeshift duo cannot last 10 minutes against them tonight, they told Flair they’d defend the belts against them at a later date, if they can make it to ten.

For the first time, Father James Mitchell led the monster Abyss to the ring. Shark Boy, Chase Stevens and Cassidy O’Reilly were his opponents in a rare three-on-one handicap match – but they still had nothing for the vicious newcomer, who mauled the trio as they rushed him at the bell before administering a series of brutal power moves to each, one by one. Finally, chokeslams to Chase and Cassidy were followed by a high octane twisting Bossman Slam to Shark before Abyss piled the bodies on top of each other for the academic three count in 1:45.

Glenn Gilbertti has quite the crew with him backstage: Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson on his arm, Sonny Siaki, Matt Bentley, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Trinity, Desire and another woman whom he refers to at one point in passing as Traci. Gilbertti says that since he dropped the rancid comedy act over two years ago, he has been all about recognising underappreciated young talent in WCW. He says he helped elevate Simon Diamond, Swinger and Guido Maritato to championship status and was the voice behind the scenes at Sports Entertainment Xtreme, reminding Vince Russo that this was about the new blood as much as it was the excess.

And, he adds, it’s clear people were noticing that backstage because it didn’t take him long to rebuild. He has two guys in Siaki and Bentley who saw him at work in SEX and wanted a piece of that. He now has two guys in Kendrick and London who saw how the company treated them when they tried to just wrestle with their heads held high. And of course, he has the crown jewel: Billy Kidman. A WCW legend, Glenn claims, who has been overlooked and mistreated for years. A world class athlete for these four to learn from. And anyone – from Rey Mysterio to Juvi to Psicosis to the 3LK – who tries to stop them will soon regret it.

And following last week’s fracas, it was the 3LK going up against Kidman, Siaki and Bentley next. Killings withstood a lot of punishment from all three foes before finally tagging in Konnan who was the most fired up of all the babyfaces. But as he looked up finish Siaki with Tequila Sunrise, Desire hopped up on the apron. Konnan fell for the distraction but 3LK kept on top of the opposition nonetheless until finally, London and Kendrick ran in for the DQ after 12:30.

This brought out Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis for the save which worked until Glenn Gilbertti landed a couple of low blows and Torrie, Traci and Trinity all did the same to the 3LK. With no word on Rey’s knee injury, there was no sign of the masked man as GGE left Rey’s friends laid out in the ring.

Ric Flair is in his office alongside Arn Anderson, where he says what just happened in the ring compelled him to book a 10-man tag match for Bash at the Beach, and with Rey Mysterio’s health still up in the air it’ll be his five friends against the five of GGE.

Also, he and Arn have spent the evening racking their brain and trawling their decades-long history of the business to think of a suitable type of match for the latest instalment of the Extreme war taking place in WCW. And since things have apparently gone ‘guerrilla’, he and Arn have devised the first ever Guerrilla Gangfight Death Match for BATB.

It’ll be a 4vs4 tag to start, but any time one side earns a fall over the other, they’ll be able to pick one opponent to face all of them, 4-on-1, for 60 seconds. If they can withstand the handicap tornado assault and answer a count of 10, the match resumes. If not, we have a winner.

Team Canada are all with JB. Borash asks Coach Lance Storm why he has seemingly been avoiding wrestling at any cost as of late. Storm says it’s simple: he’s next in line for the WCW title and he knows the typical biased American bureaucrats and especially his former rival Commissioner Flair would love to have him get injured before that title shot comes, or for him to be cheated out of a fall in a tag match that gives them the excuse to replace him.

Storm adds that until his opportunity is set in stone, he’ll be doing nothing to give anyone the chance to screw him out of the title picture “again”. Besides, he concludes, it’s the perfect chance for his team to brush up on their skills – and to be honest, they have a lot of brushing up to do going by recent results. His four proteges react to the comment, but as Storm leaves they follow as usual. 

The match between AJ Styles and Eddie Guerrero to determine the next challenger for the US title was reason enough for the champ, D’Lo Brown, to join commentary and get a first-hand view. Unfortunately, that ended up undermining the contest. Guerrero played heel for the most part but at the tail end of AJ’s comeback the fight spilled to the outside where Brown was roped into the hostilities. The referee called it a no-contest after 17:10, leaving us with no clear cut #1 contender…

…until, that is, Commissioner Flair came out onto the stage and voiced his disapproval at so much failing to be settled in the ring as of late. He says the next PPV is only eight days away and if they cannot settle a decisive top contender he has no choice but to bring back something last seen at the last BATB – Triple Jeopardy for the US title! No disqualifications, anything goes and in a rare occurrence under the Flair regime, first fall wins the title in a triangle match setting. After pausing to hear the announcement, all three men resumed their hostilities when they learned their fate.

Raven sits on a park bench. He says Father James Mitchell is more predictable than he likes to think he is. The second Mitchell attempted to hold Raven’s return to WCW over him, he explains, he knew he’d have to deal with “that cockroach” and that he’d try to mount an army against him. An army of thoughtless, mindless foot soldiers that are the opposite of Raven in every way.

Raven wonders if it’s perhaps fate that he’s being hunted by large numbers after spending years hunting at the head of a pack, but whatever happens his destiny has never been more clear to him. Just like Douglas, Tempest, Sinn and Slash, this new plaything of Mitchell’s will fall and Raven will, by himself, move on to finally claiming the WCW title. And if Mitchell and Abyss think they have an advantage next weekend, they should remember that the only person comfortable with Raven’s Rules is Raven – because even if the match isn’t legally made no-DQ, he’ll simply get himself disqualified in record time and set about destroying Abyss his way anyway.

At the end of that pre-tape, commentary confirm that Commissioner Flair has indeed made the grudge match Raven’s Rules, perhaps playing into his slightly frustrated determination to get a proper card together for the PPV despite all the chaos as of late.

It’s not often the match timer on the WCW ticker counts down, but that was the case for the next match as Jeff Jarrett and Chris Harris’s makeshift union would receive a shot at the tag team titles of Triple X if they could go 10 minutes without suffering defeat to the champions.

The first 3-4 minutes flew past, from their perspective, as they worked great together and kept the heels on the back foot. However, XXX took over and worked on Harris with an extra added urgency to piling on the pinfall attempts. Nonetheless, Wildcat stayed in the bout and eventually made a tag to Jeff… only for the champs to successfully keep the ref from seeing it. With two minutes left on the clock, they stepped up their efforts to freeze AMW and their associates out of the title picture for good, and Jarrett had to get creative to prevent it, even sneaking over to put Chris’s foot on the ropes after the Power Plex with a minute and change to go.

XXX’s next plan was to cheat their way to a last-minute win, as Daniels riled JJ into getting the ref’s attention allowing Skipper to drill Harris with a tag title belt. However, the official then made sure Daniels was out of the ring which gave Jeff the chance to nail Skipper with his guitar. Both men laid unconscious as we entered the final 20 seconds.

A desperate Daniels snuck in and grabbed Elix’s arm, hoping to drape him on top with enough time for a pinfall, but Jarrett cut him off with a dropkick. After Jeff left, Harris actually managed to shift over and get an arm on Skipper as the ref counted three with a second of the time left, not only surviving the challenge but outright proving themselves worthy of a title shot! Total time of the bout: 9:59.

Finally, we are shown footage of Sting arriving at the Power Plant, understandably cautiously and on his guard. Sting heads into the main area to see O’Haire stood with a foot on trainer Norman Smiley’s neck.

Sting angrily tells Sean to let Norman go, stating that this doesn’t involve Smiley. O’Haire laughs, and then obliges, before telling Sting that this is the site of where WCW did everything in their power to make him the new Sting. They wanted a nice, big, friendly musclehead who’d defend the company name and make them lots and lots of money. So, before he ends the career of the ‘golden boy’ at BATB, he figured he would ensure Sting got to witness him burn the Plant down.

Sting calls O’Haire crazy, and assumes Russo isn’t here because even he doesn’t think that’s a good idea. As Sean picks up a petrol container, Sting says if it’s a fight ahead of the triple cage that he wants, that’s what he will get. But nobody can be WCW champion from a prison cell.

O’Haire says it’s not a fight he wants tonight – but the same cannot be said for those guys. With that, Tempest, Sinn and Slash emerge from nowhere and surround Sting. And though the champion fights them off momentarily, it’s soon 4-on-1 and he’s left in a heap inside one of the training rings. Tempest grabs the petrol and asks if they get to set him on fire now. O’Haire says no – not until after he gets his title back next week.

Bash at the Beach 2003 card so far:

  • WCW World title, Russo’s Revenge triple cage: Sting (c) vs Sean O’Haire
  • WCW World tag titles: Triple X (c) vs Jeff Jarrett and Chris Harris
  • WCW Cruiserweight title: Kid Kash (c) vs Guido Maritato
  • WCW US title, Triple Jeopardy: D’Lo Brown (c) vs AJ Styles vs Eddie Guerrero
  • Raven’s Rules: Raven vs Abyss
  • Guerrilla Gangfight Death Match: Hardcore Revolution vs Extreme Horsemen
  • 3 Live Kru, Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis vs Glenn Gilbertti Enterprises

Next time: Will Nitro on the eve of Bash At The Beach prove even more chaotic than recent editions?