If Fusient Bought WCW #137: Chain Reaction

If Fusient Bought WCW: Sean O'Haire

JUNE 11, 2003: AIRTIME #73

Matches filmed for the Cruiserweight Chase at the last Nitro taping were:

  • Jerrelle Clark getting his first points on the board to a decent pop, finishing Julio Dinero in their basement dead rubber with the 630 at the 7:25 mark.
  • Brian Kendrick beating Frankie Kazarian in another bout for pride – Sliced Bread #2 earned the duke in 8:49.
  • And Paul London joined his tag partner in restoring some late pride by seeing off Chris Sabin in a thrilling main event with a reverse huracanrana in 10:30.

Cruiserweight Chase standings with only the Block deciders to be contested:

  • Block A: Kid Kash 8pts, Sonny Siaki 8pts, Paul London 6pts, Chris Sabin 4pts, Jerrelle Clark 2pts, Julio Dinero 0pts.
  • Block B: Guido Maritato 6pts, Jimmy Yang 6pts, Matt Bentley 4pts, Amazing Red 4pts, Brian Kendrick 4pts, Frankie Kazarian 2pts.


  • In Block A, only Kash or Siaki can advance to the finals. They face each other in the final Block match with the winner progressing.
  • Kendrick and Kazarian have been eliminated from contention in Block B. Red faces Guido while Yang meets Bentley on the final Block matchday. If Guido or Yang get a superior result to the other, that man will advance to the final. If both Red and Bentley win, there will be a four-way tiebreaker for a spot in the final.

JUNE 14, 2003: SATURDAY NITRO #110

Either Sean O’Haire’s destructive six-month run as WCW champion comes to an end at the Great American Bash or Sting’s legendary career will be over when the two clash, no holds barred. But as broken by WCW.com during the week, Commissioner Ric Flair has responded to days of complaints from Vince Russo over the Icon decking him with a right hand one week ago by extending the contract signing’s no-contact rule all the way until the PPV, and including Russo in it.

How will champion and challenger interact with physical violence off the table? All we know for now is that Flair has scheduled ‘tune-up exhibitions’ for both tonight. Also, America’s Most Wanted earned another tag title shot after an epic gauntlet which ran over an hour last week. Are they on the home straight to redemption and revenge against Triple X? Also, what on earth did Father James Mitchell have done to Malice seven days ago!?

Taped on June 12 in Nashville.

Commentary are barely able to get into their opening intro when we cut to members of the Hardcore Revolution and members of the Extreme Horsemen spilling out into the arena in another wild brawl. Awesome, CW, Simon, Swinger, Credible and Corino (who seems to really work both sides of ‘only being a manager’) were eventually able to put their numbers to use when they gradually shifted all elements of the fight into one rough area near the stage and overwhelmed RVD, Lynn, Tajiri, Kash and Guido.

Suddenly, Super Crazy appeared on the stage and hit a running dive into the entire crowd! Johnny Stamboli then appeared and ran Corino – who dodged the dive – off as it was now the HR enjoying the numbers edge. The Horsemen got out of there before too much damage could be inflicted as RVD promised them pain beyond their wildest nightmares when the sides are even at the GAB.

Jeff Jarrett teamed with America’s Most Wanted to conquer their respective enemies a week on Sunday, Lance Storm and Triple X. The victorious duo impressed with their cohesiveness especially when facing a far more familiar trio, considering Storm’s past association with Elix Skipper. The Stroke finished Elix in 12:45 only for Christopher Daniels to attack JJ moments after the bell.

AMW and Jeff were able to see off the sore-loser initiative from Daniels and Storm but that ended when the rest of Team Canada rushed the ring for the mass beatdown, which ended with Storm drilling a kneeling Jarrett with a superkick and draping a Canadian flag over his fallen body.

Shane Douglas is backstage with Father James Mitchell and a long chain, similar to what will attach the Franchise to Raven at the Bash. Douglas says he told the world for years that both God and the devil had dibs on his soul, but when everybody walked out in him this year and he lost everything, it was clear who would win the bidding war.

Mitchell chimes in and says many assume that if a jock plummeted from the top of the social totem pole that they wouldn’t know what to do amongst the outcasts and the misfits, but it turns out a fallen jock can actually be quite desperate and very dangerous, noting we should ask Raven to attest to that. He reiterates that he will ensure Raven suffers until he comes to his senses and bows at Mitchell’s feet. Douglas concludes that suffering begins and ends at the Bash when he bludgeons Raven with this chain and then chokes the life out of him once more.

Billy Kidman, with Torrie Wilson back by his side, competed in his first match since turning his back on Rey Mysterio when he took on Rey’s good friend Psicosis. The World Cup winner was understandably fired up and spent a fair chunk of time on offense until an attempted trip at the ropes by Wilson was enough to allow Kidman to take over.

Psicosis fought back, but Torrie this time got the ref’s attention which allowed her man to hit a low blow followed by the Kid Krusher. He then pulled Psicosis over to the corner and climbed up the top, appearing to set up his Shooting Star Press. Instead, he teased it, hesitated and then came off with a pinpoint flying elbow for the pin in 7:16.

Backstage, Brian Kendrick and Paul London are watching Nitro on a monitor when London wonders out loud where they’re going wrong. They’re performing on the same page, killing it in singles and tag and yet they always come up short. In the Cruiserweight Chase, against Glenn Gilbertti’s goons and even when it comes to getting more TV time on Nitro.

Kendrick says there’s no doubt they’re in their prime at the moment, and he has no regrets pitching back in with Paul and Bryan Danielson after their history. But the fact is, these are shark infested waters. And they may need something a little extra to get to the next level. London asks him what he means. Kendrick says he’ll explain later at dinner, where things are a little more private.

We were set for another attempt at 3LK vs New Church, this time with Tempest, Sinn and Slash representing Father Mitchell’s crew. However, we instead received another fight around ringside, this time initiated by a red-hot Kru in search of a receipt for the last time.

Commissioner Flair came out with a team of security to quell it down and officially postpone the match… until the Great American Bash. He warns them that this will be settled at the PPV – or else.

Jamie Knoble in a pre-tape at home says he’s been enjoying a lot more downtime as of late, since the cruiserweight division is so short of challengers for his title that they’ve had to run a two-month long tournament to determine a worthy one. He says he’ll be watching AirTime from his luxury trailer to see who makes the finals in one week, and then he’ll pick clean what’s left of the ‘winner’ in eight days.

Sean O’Haire came out for his non-title exhibition match, with Vince Russo by his side, and made very short work of David Young. The champ ran through some of his trademark moves and strikes, thumped Young with an F5 and then pulled him up at two in favour of finishing with his cobra clutch and bodyscissors for the stoppage in 2:38.

After the bout, Russo had to talk O’Haire out of getting a chair for more damage and instead the manager grabbed a mic and addressed Sting and Ric Flair from the ring, calling Flair corrupt and biased and promising that he’d be sharing his stupid job with his buddy when they retire the Stinger at the Bash. O’Haire adds the final line, telling Sting that this time, there’ll be no coming back.

Backstage, the Extreme Horsemen are with JB who wants to talk about what happened earlier but has the mic snatched away by Corino before Awesome scares him off. Corino says he’s sick and tired of this ECW spirit crap that causes the Hardcore Revolution to keep coming back for more every time the Horsemen beat them. He says their movement is a sham that runs on nostalgia while the Horsemen are a true alliance based on reality. He says hardcore wrestling brought them all together but next week, it will be what finally rips the Revolution scab away from the future of this business. At Extreme Warfare, Corino adds, the HR will learn the difference between the bonds of nostalgia and the bonds of reality.

AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown’s third match with the US title on the line became the third to feature a title change, as D’Lo became a two-time titlist in 15:47. The two men went back and forth with big moves and counters that played on their previous battles but it was Brown’s WCW unveiling of his Lo-Down frog splash that sealed the win.

Ric Flair has Los Guerreros and The Rejected in his office, as the two teams bicker. Flair calms them down and says Helms and Moore’s words about Mexican wrestling angered a lot of the locker room before Shannon accuses him of rigging the gauntlet draw as punishment. Flair swears it was random but admits it worked out for him as he saw the cruiser tag champs pinned 1-2-3 by a tag team who qualify for the limit. Ric makes a title match between the two for the Great American Bash, which leads to Helms questioning whether Eddie can actually make weight for 225lbs these days.

Things get heated between the two sides again, but Flair says a weigh-in will be staged 24hrs prior on Nitro and the match will happen, title or non-title. The champs storm off and then a commotion can be heard outside, somewhat of a celebration. Ric asks Chavo and Eddie to see if that’s D’Lo Brown on their way out. They leave and sure enough, Brown is soon in the office himself, US title over his shoulder.

Flair congratulates D’Lo for the win and the series of awesome matches with AJ before saying the series will continue at the PPV for AJ’s rematch. Brown says he has no issues with that – AJ is a great competitor and he needs to prove that this is no see-saw: the belt will now stay with him, Brown says.

Finally, Sting returned to the ring for the first time in six months and showed no signs of rust as he defeated Mike Rapada with a series of strikes, slams, three Stinger Splashes and the Scorpion Deathdrop in 1:43. As Sting celebrated the win, O’Haire and Russo came out onto the ramp for a staredown, since any physical interaction was prohibited. However, Sting was then jumped by two masked thugs from via the crowd and the show concluded with the champion and his handler laughing as their biggest threat was ambushed by their assailants.

Great American Bash 2003 card so far:

  • WCW World title vs career, no holds barred: Sean O’Haire (c) vs Sting
  • WCW World tag titles: Triple X (c) vs America’s Most Wanted
  • WCW Cruiserweight title: Jamie Knoble (c) vs Cruiserweight Chase winner
  • WCW Cruiserweight tag titles*: The Rejected (c) vs Los Guerreros
  • WCW United States title: D’Lo Brown (c) vs AJ Styles
  • Extreme Warfare: Hardcore Revolution vs Extreme Horsemen
  • Chain match: Raven vs Shane Douglas
  • Number one contender’s match: Jeff Jarrett vs Lance Storm
  • Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman
  • 3 Live Kru vs Disciples of the New Church

*The titles will only be on the line if the challengers can make 225lbs or less each at a weigh-in the day before the PPV.

Next time: Who is attacking Sting under masks? Will Eddie Guerrero make 225lbs for a cruiser tag title shot?