If Fusient Bought WCW #117: SuperBrawl XIII

If Fusient Bought WCW: SuperBrawl XIII

The 13th edition of WCW SuperBrawl could be very unlucky for some, with dangerous score-settling bouts and high-stakes title contests lining up the show.

Though Commissioner Ric Flair is watching World champion Sean O’Haire extremely closely, following his threat to strip the title and fire the maniacal champ if he continued to assault members of the roster, O’Haire’s Vince Russo-led “purge” of big names and legends has nonetheless continued within the confines of sanctioned title bouts. Can Goldberg buck the trend tonight, or will O’Haire claim one of his biggest-name victims to date?

Another dangerous encounter on the card sees Raven return to action on a WCW PPV for the first time since 1999 to face the man he cost the WCW title last month, Jeff Jarrett, under ‘Raven’s Rules’. The reason for Raven’s return and actions may well have been business related, thanks to Jarrett nemesis Russo, but this lawless war will no doubt be massively personal and extremely violent.

Meanwhile, Flair’s commendable tweaks to match rules and policy has ensured an intriguing undercard. The finals of the ‘2000-And-Three Invitational’ trios tournament takes place tonight, with the newly-formed 3 Live Kru taking on Team Canada. Three formerly unpopular figures in Konnan, BG James and Ron Killings have won over the fanbase with their musical hijinx, but can they get it done between the ropes against Lance Storm and his strictly-regimented recruits?

Elsewhere, Flair’s other edict that any multi-man championship matches must be under elimination rules means recent cruiserweight title holders Super Crazy and Tajiri will challenge new champion Jamie Knoble, as well as Knoble’s former partner Kid Kash, in a four-way melee. And York & Matthews will defend their cruiserweight tag titles against a newly-shorn but still incredibly surly duo in The Rejected.

With Kash, York and Matthews otherwise engaged, it will be other members of Rob Van Dam’s rapidly-swelling Hardcore Revolution group that do battle with the Disciples of The New Church in a 10-man Hardcore War to settle the issue between the feuding sides once and for all. Will the ruthless edge of the likes of CW Anderson, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger be enough to swing things in the Extremists’ favour? And why on earth is Kanyon, who challenges United States champion AJ Styles, listening to the orders of New Church leader Father James Mitchell?

FEBRUARY 16, 2003: WCW SUPERBRAWL XIII – Chicago, Illinois

Four matches were taped before the show went live on air, to be shown on Wednesday’s AirTime.

The pre-show once again provided studio analysis and previews of the matches coming tonight, noting that Los Guerreros vs the Triple Threat had also been added to the show.

Opening match, Hardcore War: Hardcore Revolution (Rob Van Dam, Jerry Lynn, CW Anderson, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger) vs Disciples Of The New Church (Malice, Tempest, Sinn, Slash & Mike Awesome)

The big event in Chi-Town began proper with a bang, starting with the huge Hardcore War to settle the score between the New Church and the Hardcore Revolution. A bloody and weapons-littered brawl saw the ten combatants take the fight all over the building, but the conclusion took place in the ring.

Malice prepped Swinger for a chokeslam through a table, only for Awesome to decide to save the HR member with a chair shot to the back, allowing Simon and Swinger to put Malice on the table and take a Five Star Frog Splash through it for the pin in 11:01! The Revolution celebrated with their new member, Extreme alumni Awesome! Whatever CW, Simon and Swinger said to him on a recent Nitro appears to have swayed him!

Los Guerreros vs The New Triple Threat (Sonny Siaki & Matt Bentley)

During this late addition to the card, Glenn Gilbertti once again made his presence known to mess with Shane Douglas at ringside. This caused Torrie Wilson’s attempt at interference to backfire, with Eddie masterfully taking control of the cheating situation and using the chain Torrie introduced on Siaki before a Chavo brainbuster clinched the win in 8:41.

This time, the Franchise took his frustrations out on his charges, slapping both across the face and causing them both to walk out on him and past Gilbertti, who left alongside them whether the youngsters wanted him to or not.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship, four-way elimination match: Jamie Knoble (c) vs Tajiri vs Super Crazy vs Kid Kash

Kash the only participant who hadn’t held the belt at stake, put forth a WCW-best singles performance against the three most recent holders of the title, eliminating two with the Money Maker: Tajiri went in 9:23 and Crazy joined him at the 11:55 mark, only for Knoble to immediately pounce on a fatigued Kash with an O’Connor roll with the tights at 12:03.

2000-And-Three Invitational finals: 3 Live Kru (BG James, Konnan & Ron Killings) vs Team Canada (Lance Storm, Eric Young & Johnny Devine)

The Canadians worked over Konnan and then Killings before BG James hot tagged in. The match broke down and Storm fetched the Canadian flag which brought out Dustin Rhodes to snatch it away and take it backstage. Devine attempted to use a hockey stick after a ref bump only for Konnan to snatch it and paste both Johnny and Eric. Killings took Storm out with a dive and a pumphandle slam from James finished off Young in 14:22. The 3LK are here and they’re the winners of the 2000-and-Three Invitational, not to mention unspecified future championship matches!

WCW United States Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Kanyon

Kanyon once again was accompanied by Father James Mitchell (looking none too pleased over the events of the Hardcore War) and again coming across as a reluctant footsoldier. Nonetheless, the appeal of becoming a three-time US champ was very real, and Kanyon aggressively pursued the champion throughout.

The two men’s innovative arsenals led to a mesmerising back-and-forth battle, concluding with a Styles Clash in 13:40 for the retain. Mitchell, having a very bad night, berated and attempted to even push Kanyon around after the loss, leading to the blackmailed athlete to walk out in frustration.

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship: York & Matthews (c) vs The Rejected

Y&M saved their WCW careers with a dramatic title win at Starrcade but they hit the end of the road at SuperBrawl. Shannon Moore hit a timely belt shot to York out of the ref’s view, allowing Shane Helms to finish him with a Vertebreaker in 11:53. Shane and Shannon’s downward spiral is over, but who knows what the malcontent anti-cruisers have in store for the coveted championships?

Raven’s Rules: Raven vs Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett was jumped by Raven as he made his entrance for their no-disqualification grudge match. Jeff was soon able to get back into it and brawled with his foe through the crowd before the fight found its way to the ring. A pile of chairs was set up in the ring and used for several near-falls. Jarrett survived a suplex through a table propped in the corner while Raven managed to kick out at two after taking the patented guitar over the skull.

Jeff then prepped for the finishing blow – a brutal piledriver onto the pile of chairs – when Vince Russo ran out and caught his attention from the walkway side of the ropes. Jarrett immediately stopped what he was doing and dragged Russo into the ring, preparing to finally inflict some physical punishment on the friend who betrayed him. However, it gave Raven a chance to hit a low blow followed by the Evenflow onto the chairs to emerge victorious at the 16:42 mark.

WCW World Tag Team Championship: America’s Most Wanted (c) vs Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio

Chris Harris and James Black retained the WCW tag titles against Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio with a Death Sentence to Kidman in 18:33. The challengers have had their issues recently but were very much on the same page for an epic title encounter, coming up short short towards the end despite hitting several of their biggest moves. The entire thing brought the fans to their feet, but it wasn’t to be another title reign for the cruiserweights.

WCW World Championship: Sean O’Haire (c) vs Goldberg

Finally, it was time for O’Haire to defend his WCW title against Goldberg. Mark Jindrak and Chuck Palumbo wasted no time trying to weaken the challenger during his entrance, but with the help of the returning Ken Shamrock the duo were dealt with before Ric Flair had security escort them and Shamrock from the building. This allowed O’Haire to go to work on Goldberg with a steel chair, however, giving him control of the match.

Bill made a fightback and the two traded big moves before O’Haire, on the cusp of defeat perhaps, again resorted to a chair, viciously jabbing it into the midsection and then the throat of Goldberg several times. Daring the ref to disqualify him, O’Haire put the chair over Goldberg’s neck and hit a brutal-looking F5, leaving the legend in serious trouble clutching his throat. O’Haire then strapped on a cobra clutch with a body scissors and after a brave fight, Goldberg was clearly in no condition to carry on and the official called it off at 12:50.

The psychotic champion had once again sunk to new depths to annihilate the competition, and by the looks of things has taken out one of the biggest names yet.

Goldberg, as widely expected, will not be signing a Fusient contract upon expiry of his Time Warner deal so he was written out at the PPV so that he could accept a buyout of his last few months.