Huge Sasha Banks/Bayley Angle Takes Place After Tag Title Rematch

Bayley & Sasha Banks

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve all known it WAS coming, now it’s finally happened – and it was glorious.

Bayley and Sasha Banks are a team no more.

On this week’s Smackdown Bayley and Banks challenged Nia Jax and Shayner Baszler in a tag team championship rematch from Payback last week. On Sunday the match ended when Baszler locked in a double submission on both Bayley and Banks at the same time. This week was Jax’s turn, pinning both women together after a huge crossbody from the second rope.

During the match Michael Cole (on commentating duties) mention that Sasha had suffered a “very serious leg injury” after missing her double knee move and instead hitting the ring post, which brought out medics to aid her after the match ended.

Banks refused the help of the medical staff, instead being helped from the ring by Bayley. With Sasha on the ring apron Bayley struck with a vicious boot to the face followed by launching her former partner into the ring steps and then slamming Bank’s bad leg onto those same steps.

The eye popping finale say Bayley place Banks’ head and neck into a folded steel chair before diving from the top rope on to her. After this sadistic looking exclamation mark, Banks was loaded into an ambulance and taken away from the arena.

We’re all looking forward to how WWE push this feud forward between Sasha No Belts and Bayley No Friends. This very slow burn break up has been exceptionally well built by WWE and we can’t wait to see the feud that results from it.