Has Don Callis’ Role In IMPACT Wrestling Changed Significantly?

Don Callis

Don Callis has had a resurgence in his on-screen role within wrestling, now regularly appearing alongside Kenny Omega on both AEW and IMPACT Wrestling.

It would seem that this has now had a major impact on his role backstage within IMPACT.

Callis has been removed from the roster page of the company’s website, where he was originally listed as an Executive Vice President, whilst his cohort with the same role Scott D’Amore still remains.

In addition to this, Fightful Select are reporting that the manager of ‘The Cleaner’ has had a reduced role recently, with D’Amore taking the helm.

It may well be that this winding down of his position will signify the start of him just appearing in his on-screen role, which could involve signing with AEW rather than IMPACT.

Either way, Callis’ return to manage Omega has shifted him straight to the top of the card, and it looks like he’ll be there for a long time by aligning himself with a belt-collecting ‘Cleaner’.