Happy Corbin Discusses Serious Injury Madcap Moss Narrowly Avoided

Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin celebrating in a WWE ring.

Happy Corbin has given his take on the gruesome landing Madcap Moss took during his match with Drew McIntyre at Elimination Chamber, noting that Moss didn’t realise how bad it looked until afterwards.

The match with The Scottish Warrior was fought under falls count anywhere rules, however it was a landing in the ring rather than outside which caused the most concern for everyone watching.

As McIntyre attempted an inverted Alabama slam on Madcap Moss, his opponent didn’t flip all the way through and landed square on his head and neck.

Despite everyone showing concern, Moss was fortunate and did not receive a concussion or sustain any lasting injuries from the move.

In an appearance on WWE After the Bell, Happy Corbin gave his take on what had happened as he watched on from ringside.

I watched it happen and I was five feet from it and when I watched his head literally go straight into the canvas, first of all, I was in shock. As an athlete, the worst thing you can see is someone else hurt, it scares us all. We put our lives on the line whether it be on the football field or a wrestling event, it doesn’t matter, your life’s on the line. So that was terrifying, you don’t ever want to see anybody get hurt.

Then I have all these other things going on, he’s hit, I’m like okay, number 1 he might be dead, number 2 he’s probably got a broken neck or a bad concussion so in my brain, I’m going okay, how do I finish the match in this place? I don’t know how to finish this, the process, what can I do, what can I do? I pull him out of the ring, check on him because he’s moving, so we have to find time for him to regain where he’s at because in my mind he should be concussed.

I don’t know how, but that man has the strongest neck in the world because no concussion, nothing broken. In my mind, he was going to get stretchered out. When the camera cut to me and I fall on my knees, it was 100% legit because I’m going okay he’s going to get stretchered out, how do I save this?

Corbin also revealed that Madcap Moss felt sick when he saw the move back, having not thought it was originally that bad.

Afterwards he didn’t even realise it. I was like ‘dude, are you good? This is crazy, you landed on your head.’ He’s like ‘was it that bad?’ [I said] ‘What do you mean, go watch the replay.’ He saw the replay and he’s like ‘I feel nauseous after [seeing it].’

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With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.