Hacksaw Jim Duggan Reveals He Has Beaten Cancer For 2nd Time

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan has revealed that he has beaten cancer for the second time, twenty years after first conquering the illness.

In a video posted on social media in October, Duggan revealed that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The announcement comes after Hacksaw’s official social media account revealed that he had emergency surgery on October 20th.

The flag-waving superstar said in the video announcing his diagnosis:

“Hi folks, you know, Debra and I, we always share the good times with ya, but today we’ve got to share some bad times. I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I’m having my surgery tomorrow. [October 29th] Actually it’s been going on for a couple of months now and Debra and I have been living with it and getting ready, but reality’s here and I’m going down to Charleston tomorrow to have my cancer surgery.”

“So folks I know you’ve been thinking and praying for me about this last surgery, please think of me this Friday as I go for my cancer surgery down in Charleston. Debra will keep everybody updated, but I will take a break from social media. So thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and we’ll see you down the road with the grace of God and the skill of the doctors. Love ya.”

Hacksaw Jim Duggan has now returned with another update on social media, and it is good news for the former WCW United States Champion, as he shares the incredible news that he has defeated cancer for the second time:

“Hi everybody, I just wanted to share with everybody the great news I just received, that my cancer was all encapsulated inside my prostate. They checked my bones – that came out clear, the surrounding tissue came out clear, the lymph nodes came out clear.”

“So, thank God I’m cancer-free. You know, this was my second bout with cancer. 20 years ago I had kidney cancer, now prostate cancer. Folks, remember – early detection saves lives. And Merry, Merry Christmas… Ho, Ho, Hooo!”

Hacksaw Jim Duggan began his wrestling career in 1979, following a brief stint with the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. After spending the majority of the 1980s in Mid-South Wrestling, Duggan joined the WWF in 1987. Duggan achieved a lot of success at this point, appearing in the first-ever Survivor Series and winning the first Royal Rumble Match.

The veteran joined WCW in 1994 and went on to win the US and World Television Championships. Duggan returned to WWE in 2005, where he had brief feuds with Eugene and Cody Rhodes.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011, and the following year he competed in the Royal Rumble once again.