Gangrel And Hurricane Helms Interfere In Elite Deletion At AEW Full Gear

Hurricane Helms

The Hardy Compound played host to the Elite Deletion match at AEW Full Gear between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guervara, and while the match was a difficult watch at times there were some huge surprises.

Early on in the contests Santana and Ortiz attacked Hardy, only for Private Party to even the number.

After a battle with fireworks, Hardy and Guevara moved towards the ‘lake of deletion’.

As Hardy was about to throw ‘The Spanish God’ into the lake he was stopped by a masked figure, who had former WWE star Hurricane Helms held hostage.

It turned out to be Gangrel, former member of The Brood and someone who very few could have expected to be appearing on AEW TV in 2020!

A brief conversation took place between Hardy and Helms, where Helms questioned why it had taken two years for Hardy to help him, only to be told it was “long-term story telling”.

The match became uncomfortable towards the end due to Guevara bleeding from the mouth and head after a spear to the outside of a ring through a table, seemingly repeating the Hardy concussion angle.

However, the match on the whole was the enjoyable cinematic experience we’ve come to expect from AEW.