Former WWE Writer Claims Mick Foley Confronted Him After The Montreal Screwjob

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Former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo claims he was confronted by WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley in the aftermath of the Montreal Screwjob.

The Montreal Screwjob is unquestionably one of the most iconic episodes in professional wrestling history. While the picture of Earl Hebner ringing the bell with Bret Hart ensconced in the Sharpshooter will live on, the turmoil it unleashed over the next few hours has also become mythical.

While a disgusted Bret Hart spat in Vince McMahon’s face at ringside, Shawn Michaels snatched the WWF Championship and swiftly made his way to the back.

After finally making it to the locker room after famously spelling out WCW in the ring, Hart confronted McMahon before flooring the WWE Chairman with a punch.

Many other WWE Superstars and backstage personnel were angry with how the events developed and were said to be plotting a boycott of Monday Night Raw the next night. As a result, Mick Foley did not appear on the show the next night.

Former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo, who was present on that troubling night, spoke with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone about the repercussions of the Screwjob, one of which was a “heartbreaking” confrontation between Foley and Russo:

“And, bro, I gotta tell you, I’ll never forget this because this broke my heart more than anything. So, bro, dead silence in the back, nobody saying nothing… just looks being exchanged.

And I’ll never forget, bro, Mick Foley came up to me and said to me, ‘Vince, shame on you.’ And that broke my heart, and I just said to him, I said, ‘Mick, you don’t understand.’”

Mick Foley soon returned to work for the company and was part of his very own Screwjob the very next year at the climax of the Deadly Game tournament to crown a new WWF Champion at Survivor Series 1998.

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