Former NXT Star Makes Stunning AEW Debut

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A former NXT Superstar has arrived in AEW, immediately making a mark on Dynamite!

The match between Jade Cargill and Thunder Rosa in the TBS Championship Tournament semi-finals hung on a knife’s edge. Cargill had exploited her power to seize control early on, but Rosa’s never-say-die attitude kept her in the game and put her within striking distance of victory.

No one inside Daily’s Place, however, could have predicted what happened next. A mysterious stranger went to ringside and attacked Thunder Rosa while Mark Sterling distracted the referee and Cargill gathered herself in the ring. Cargill was able to win thanks to the surprise attack.

Naturally, this infuriated Thunder Rosa, who attempted to exact vengeance after the bell rang. Despite her best efforts to beat down with the victor, the hooded stranger returned to the ring to lay Rosa out. The mystery assailant then revealed herself to be former NXT Superstar Mercedes Martinez.

In the midst of a two-on-one brawl, Ruby Soho dashed to the ring to even the score, sending Cargill and Martinez fleeing to the outside.

Mercedes Martinez had a brief run with AEW in 2019, competing in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out.

Martinez, along with a number of other NXT Superstars, was released by WWE on August 6th as part of the brand’s reorganisation, which eventually led to the launch of NXT 2.0. Martinez has returned to the independent circuit since leaving WWE, competing in IMPACT Wrestling as well. Martinez challenged Mickie James for the Knockouts Title at Turning Point in November, but was defeated.