Former Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter Makes Ring Of Honor TV Appearance

Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter has surprised many by making her debut for Ring Of Honor.

The former Impact Wrestling President appeared at the beginning of ROH’s Women’s Division Wednesday broadcast on YouTube.

Carter’s appearance was to hype Ring Of Honor’s Women’s Title Tournament, offering words of support for all those involved.

Her full quote from the show is as follows:

Hey there, it’s Dixie Carter, former President of Impact Wrestling. One of the greatest things about my time in wrestling was getting to spend it with the incredibly talented women that wrestled for us every week,” she said. “Nothing made me prouder than to see them shine in the main event, carry their own pay-per-view or be the highest-rated segment on television, which they often were. And today, women’s wrestling has never been better or stronger. So to all the ladies competing in the Ring of Honor Women’s Championship Tournament, I just wanted to say congratulations and good luck.

This is Carter’s first appearance on a wrestling show since 2016, when she sold the company to Anthem Sports who own it to this day.

Carter’s video message is just another sign of the co-operation currently taking place between so many large-scale wrestling promotions.