Fit Finlay Took Feuds So Seriously, Everyone Thought He Hated Regal

Fit Finlay

This week on the Sitting Ringside podcast, David Penzer talked with former WCW/WWE wrestler and current WWE producer, Fit Finlay.

In 1996 Finlay, wrestling as the Belfast Bruiser in WCW, got into a feud with Lord Steven (William) Regal and had everyone backstage believing that they had real hatred for each other.

You know, if you can impress your peers, or have your peers ask you a question coming through the curtain or coming into the back. You know, like, ‘What the heck, you guys got the beef?’ Or if they believe that there’s something going on or you have a bad attitude or you’re just stiff or whatever. If your peers believe it, I guess everyone else is gonna believe it.

Watching back the match between the two at WCW Uncensored 1996 you can fully understand why people thought there was no love lost between the two.

During the match Finlay hit Regal so hard that he broke his nose, leaving him needing surgery in 2002.

Well I think the business is — we take it serious. As you journey through it, you know, you start off with nothing. You’re getting very little pay for what you actually are doing. And you climb the ladder, but that, I believe, brings a little seriousness.

I have to do this job, I have to succeed. I have to climb the ladder. Because it’s the only way you go to bed. And it wasn’t given to anyone, and the business doesn’t owe me or anyone anything at all.

But we put in the effort, and for the most part, it’s paid off. And we took it serious, it wasn’t a joke to us. It was not just a past time. It wasn’t just a job to us. And Regal would probably tell you the same thing, or anybody that came through, that this to us was real. This was reality, this was who we are, and this is a lifestyle. It’s not just a job.

WWE Hall of Famer Batista has credited Finlay as “the unsung hero who changed the direction of his career” and other superstars such as Becky Lynch, Cody Rhodes and Sasha Banks have all praised Finlay’s mentoring ability, saying he’s helped them hone their skills in the ring.

Credit to 411mania for the transcript.