FinnJuice Win On Impact Wrestling Debut; Confronted By Good Brothers

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Juice Robinson and David Finlay, collectively known as FinnJuice, debuted on Impact Wrestling last night following the announcement on Saturday.

The NJPW stars took on Reno Scum in their first match with the company.

Winning the match, FinnJuice were then ‘welcomed’ to Impact Wrestling by The Good Brothers.

It wasn’t so much a welcome as reminding FinnJuice that they still consider them to be ‘young boys’.

With the quartet knowing each other well from NJPW, FinnJuice fired back by insinuating Karl Anderson can’t handle his drink.

It certainly looks like we’re set for a FinnJuice vs Good Broters match, but with Impact Wrestling’s next big pay-per-view, Rebellion, set for 24th April it wouldn’t be surprising to see them collide before then.

This is another continuation of the working relationships NJPW have at the moment, with competitors active in both Impact Wrestling and AEW