Fans Will Delight At WWE SmackDown Star’s Character Change

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Logo
Credit: WWE

This week on SmackDown, Lars Sullivan continued his path of destruction with a victory over ‘jobber to the stars’ Shorty G.

This not remotely unexpected event was followed by the more surprising act of Shorty announcing that he ‘quit’ live in the ring right after the match.

Fans will rejoice about what happened next though. When approached by WWE producer Adam Pearce backstage whilst icing his shoulder, the former multi-time tag team champion clarified that he was quitting being Shorty G.

He claimed he was sick of being the smiling face of a WWE campaign about self acceptance and it was time to admit that Shorty G couldn’t achieve his dreams.

He knew someone who could though. An Olympian. A state and national wrestling champion.

Chad Gable.

Credit: WWE

Fans have long called for Gable to revert to his previous name and original persona. Having represented the USA in wrestling at the 2012 London Olympics, Gable became a hugely accomplished tag team competitor in WWE, forming successful and hugely exciting teams with Jason Jordan, Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Roode.

It was during his feud with Baron Corbin in 2018, that incorporated a King Of The Ring final win for Corbin, that Gable’s name was changed to Shorty G. A gym kit wearing, smiling babyface. To say it was badly received by fans would be an understatement. The change killed Gable’s momentum dead.

Credit: WWE

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Gable. Will it be as a face or heel? Singles or tag teams?

We will find out soon enough.