Fandango Gets Tribute Tattoo In Honour Of Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee
Credit: AEW

Former WWE star Fandango has got an incredible tattoo of Brodie Lee in tribute to the late superstar.

Lee, at the time known as Luke Harper, had plenty of success during his run in WWE, becoming an Intercontinental Champion but was maybe more famed for his tag team success as part of The Wyatt Family.

Although never capturing gold at that stage due to the ongoing feud between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, he would go on to unite once again with Erick Rowan as one half of The Bludgeon Brothers, and that’s where they held the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Harper would end up leaving WWE towards the end of 2019, and would make a shocking debut for AEW in March 2020. As Mr Brodie Lee, he was introduced straight away as the leader of The Dark Order. Lee went on to cause even more surprises when he won the TNT Championship from Cody Rhodes in an extremely short match.

Rhodes would go on to win the belt back from Lee in a Dog Collar match, which was Lee’s last professional wrestling contest. He passed away in December 2020 at the age of 41.

The entire wrestling community has come together to celebrate the life of The Exalted One, but his former WWE colleague Fandango has recently had a tribute etched on to him in ink.

Posting on social media, Fandango displayed the tattoo of Lee’s face and his signature “Yeah Yeah Yeah” catchphrase.

Former NXT Tag Team Champion Fandango was released by WWE on 25th June 2021 following 15 years with the company. He is now going by the name ‘Dirty Dango’ on the independent wrestling scene.