EXCLUSIVE! Bryan Clark – ‘I’d rather work for Eric Bischoff than Vince McMahon’.

Adam Bomb AKA Bryan Clark
Credit: WWE

The 1990s were a different time in wrestling, with rosters full of outlandish characters and over-the-top gimmicks that are still revered by fans three decades later. None more so than the man from Three Mile Island who lit up the WWF in the mid-nineties, Adam Bomb. With his red tongue, bright yellow contact lenses and nuclear googles, Bomb looked like something straight out of a comic book and has remained a memorable part of WWF’s first boom period.

However, the main behind those sort-after googles, Bryan Clark has revealed that it was actually his time in WCW under the guise of ‘Wrath’ that he enjoyed more than his stint in WWF – and that was mainly down to the men in charge. Speaking exclusively to Hooked On Wrestling’s HOW Mania: The 90s Wrestling Podcast – in his first-ever podcast interview – Clark admits that he had a much better working relationship with WCW’s head honcho Eric Bischoff than any dealings he experienced with the man at the top of the WWF tree, Vince McMahon. 

“I could not talk to Vince, but I could talk to Eric.” Clark told us during an hour-long lookback at his time across both promotions. 

“I don’t know if it was the same for everyone else, but when I wanted to talk to Eric, I could talk to Eric. If I had an issue or I didn’t like the way something was going he would make time for me. Whereas if I had an issue and wanted to talk to Vince, I had to go through like ten people just to ask a simple question. I didn’t like the way that was and the chaos it caused just to get an answer. To be honest I would have stayed in WCW forever.” 

Kronik Bryan Clark Brian Adams
Credit: WWE

A declaration fans of Clark may be surprised to hear, seeing as the Adam Bomb creation has long outlived the character of Wrath who he portrayed in WCW. But this comes perhaps through some less than solid promises made to him by WWF agents on the direction of the Adam Bomb character.

Debuting in 1993, Bomb went through an initial undefeated streak and prominent position on the roster to a three-minute loss at WrestleMania X before slowly sliding down the card. This, despite being promised an Intercontinental Title run if he were to put over Mabel at 1995’s King of the Ring. With that run never fulfilled, it became the last straw and ultimately led to Bryan’s departure from WWF. 

“I don’t want to sound bitter, because I’ve had a great career. However, the bottom line is Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco and one other agent asked me to put Mabel over at King of the Ring. I had no problems with that, but they said after I did this, they were putting the Intercontinental strap on me and we’re going in that direction. I agreed and I put Mabel over, I had no problems with that as it’s part of my job. Why though, tell me about the title because it turned out to be a lie. I’m not big on people lying to me, just tell me the plans. Because next thing you know I’m going down the cliff quick. 

I was busting my ass, working 280 days a year, rarely home for little money. People think when you work for Vince that’s where the money is, but you forget that at the time Vince was battling the steroid trial, so we were working A, B, and C shows just to put money back in the company. We weren’t benefitting from at all and were made promises that it would change, and we even had meetings with accounts to project what we were going to make over the next few years. I was like ‘are you kidding?’ I’ve hot someone down in Atlanta who wants me called Eric Bischoff and I can make five times what you’re talking about. I was supposed to be in Boston one night, and I wasn’t, so Vince called me, but I told him I had enough, so I saw my contract out and then went to WCW.”

Listen to Bryan speak about the creation of Adam Bomb, his frustrations with a certain WWF superstar blocking his momentum and his tag team with Brian Adams on the latest episode of HOW Mania: The 90s Wrestling podcast.

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