Eric Bischoff On Telling Vince McMahon Proposed Segment “Made No Sense”

Eric Bischoff walking down the entrance ramp in WWE.

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff has recalled the time he put his foot down regarding a segment he was set to be involved, going as far as to tell Vince McMahon that the idea made no sense.

Many were surprised when Bischoff surfaced in WWE in 2002 as the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw, especially considering his position in taking the company to its limit during the Monday night wars.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about one particular segment which he didn’t agree to and gave reasons why it didn’t make sense.

The only time I spoke up about creative was not too long after I first got there. I got emailed a scene in the ring. That scene would have resulted at the end of it, this was back when Vince had the ‘Kiss my ass club’, it built up and led to Vince making me kiss his ass in the middle of the ring like so many others had done before me.

I read that and went, ‘That makes no sense.’ I get it at the moment. I get it for that episode and that scene. Yea, that’s a good scene. But in a larger, broader context, it makes absolutely no sense. There was no heat, no angle, no buildup, no nothing. It was just a spontaneous moment that would have gotten a cheap pop.

It would have absolutely cast a really dense fog over anything else that I was going to do in the future. It would eliminate many potential storylines going forward.

Bischoff went on to explain further how he went about explaining that the timing of the idea was all wrong.

I got that email on a Saturday. I was supposed to leave on Sunday to fly to Monday Night Raw on Sunday. Before I left, I gave a call and said, ‘Look, I’ll do it if that’s what you guys want me to do. You’re paying me to perform. You’re not paying me to critique your creative. I firmly believe that. If that’s what you want me to do, I’ll do it, but here’s why I don’t think it makes any sense right now. Maybe down the road, but right now, this makes no sense.’

I left it at that. I didn’t hear another word. I got to TV on Monday and it was gone. Not another word was said about it.

Eric Bischoff has recently been very vocal on his podcast about AEW, responding to comments made by Tony Khan about Ted Turner.

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