Eric Bischoff Gives Reasons He’d Put Dolph Ziggler In The nWo

Eric Bischoff

Former WCW head honcho Eric Bischoff has selected a current WWE competitor as someone he’d have made sure was a member of his New World Order.

The nWo ran roughshod over WCW back in the day, gaining members all over the place and being led for the most part by its original members – Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. After forming in 1996, it quickly became all-out war between the promotion and the faction.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast Eric Bischoff, who was a member of the nWo himself, has talked about who from the modern era he would select for the group. He’s singled out Dolph Ziggler, and also likened him to Kurt Angle.

Dolph Ziggler has always been at the top of my list. I think he’s one of the most underrated talents in WWE. I see this cat and he reminds me so much of Kurt Angle. In the sense that he’s got so much range, he can be a comedic, pain in the ass, smarmy heel or he can be a legitimate badass killer. He can do one night and one the next night and there’s not a lot of people that have that kind of range.

He looks great, he’s got so much. Who knows, this could be a breath of fresh air for his career, making this move, getting out of the pack. You’re on that treadmill, you’re in that system, you’re on that roster and then all of a sudden you get a chance to break away and shine and maybe have some creative flexibility and freedom that you don’t have on RAW or SmackDown, maybe that could be it and he could get a big shot in the arm out of this. I hope that’s the case because he’s an amazing talent.

Dolph Ziggler recently defeated Bron Breakker to become NXT Champion in a move which shocked many having only appeared on the brand in recent weeks. Eric Bischoff also highlighted former title holder Breakker, the son of Rick Steiner, and his excitement at seeing him in action.

I am almost giddy with excitement. Part of it is because of my relationship with Rick. Rick and I don’t talk, hardly at all, we see each other on the road, great. I’m not a phone guy and neither is he so we just don’t communicate. Rick is one of my favorite people I’ve ever worked with on a completely different level.

Now to see Rick’s son climbing that ladder and making it onto the main roster. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m living vicariously through what I know has got to be a satisfying part of Rick’s life right now, watching his son break into the business. As far as himself, I think he’s an amazing talent, there’s a lot to look forward to.

A rematch between Ziggler and Breakker for the NXT Championship has been signed for Stand And Deliver, which takes place over WrestleMania weekend.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.