Eddie Kingston On Signing With AEW: “I Just Started Crying”

Eddie Kingston

It was a very swift change of circumstances for Eddie Kingston when he signed with AEW, earning himself a contract just one week after his debut match against Cody for the TNT Championship.

The 18-year veteran admitted in an interview with The New York Post that the pandemic had him close to selling his house and moving back in with his parents until the call came from AEW, making it a very emotional moment for him.

I just started crying in the car. I didn’t understand why I was crying and my girlfriend was just like, ‘Let it go, let it out because you reached a goal. You did it.’ I was like, damn. I was gonna be broke and homeless and back living with my parents. It hit me then. I just started bawling in the car and apologizing for crying. That whole New York tough guy thing, I can’t let anyone see me cry.

After this ‘The Mad King’ rose up the roster extremely quickly, becoming the mouthpiece for The Lucha Bros whilst also progressive his own in-ring career.

This led to him getting his first shot at Jon Moxley’s World Championship, when he was subbed in as a replacement after Lance Archer contracted Coronavirus.

What happened with Lance, it definitely fast-tracked everything. There was some pressure, but I loved it. I love pressure. It’s either I s–t the bed or I do so good that I force people’s hands to do more with me.

Kingston is also quick to acknowledge why it has taken him so long to settle in one promotion, rather than being seen as a journeyman on the independents.

He has been quick to tell people what he feels, which is a credit to his character but often doesn’t sit well with others.

I’ve told the wrong promoters to eff off. I told off the wrong guys who had some sort of indie cred, indie power or power in other places. I told them off. To me, if you’re a scumbag, just because you’re a wrestler that’s been in the business an ‘X’ amount of years I’m not gonna show you respect.