Report: Eddie Guerrero Special In The Works From ITV

Eddie Guerrero during his time as WWE Champion.

Reports are circulating that British television network ITV have a special show in the works dedicated to WWE Hall Of Famer and former World Champion Eddie Guerrero.

The report comes from Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer, and would follow on from ITV covering British wrestling both in the last few years and during the days of World Of Sport.

ITV is currently the home to All Elite Wrestling in the United Kingdom, but also hosted the revival of World Of Sport back in 2018, which came about 30 years after it had been taken off air in 1988.

Eddie Guerrero’s wrestling career began in the mid-1980’s in Mexico, with ‘Latino Heat’ quickly gaining popularity and being booked by the likes of New Japan Pro Wrestling and ECW. This led to Guerrero getting a deal with WCW 1995 when they were using a number of other cruiserweights including Dean Malenko, Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio.

In particular, wrestling fans hold Eddie Guerrero’s match with Rey Mysterio at Halloween Havoc 1997 is held in high regard by wrestling fans two decades after the contest took place.

Guerrero held the WCW Cruiserweight Championship on two occasions during his time with the company, and also held the Unites States Title one time.

As part of what became known as The Radicalz, ‘Latino Heat’ left WCW at the same time as Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit with the quartet all making their first appearance in WWE on the same night.

Despite being a mainstay around the title picture in WWE, including runs with the Intercontinental Championship, Guerrero was released by WWE in 2001 after he was arrested for drink driving and later news of his addiction to pain killers.

Eddie Guerrero returned to WWE in April 2002, becoming a WWE Champion. He tragically then passed away on 13th November 2005.

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