Dutch Mantell Recalls Negative Reaction To Promo Line He Asked WWE Management To Not Use

Dutch Mantell - Zeb Colter

Former WWE Manager Dutch Mantell has spoken about a line he didn’t want to say in a promo, and that he even discussed the matter with Triple H.

Mantell took on the moniker of Zeb Colter during his most recent WWE run, which spanned from 2013 to 2016. At the time he was a heel manager at the side of Jack Swagger – now known as Jake Hager in AEW, and repeatedly used the catchphrase ‘We The People’ whilst sporting the traditional ‘Don’t Treat On Me’ flag.

However, whilst the phrases used by Mantell in his promos could have been seen as controversial, there was one point where thought a line he was requested to use was a step too far. In a conversation with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s ‘Smack Talk’, Mantell described how he felt using the line “affirmative action” was not necessary.

Zeb Colter was supposed to be the right-wing radical, but the way I was doing my interviews, it made sense, and a lot of people were agreeing with me. They wanted me to go out one time and I was talking to Titus and Darren Young. [WWE management] wanted me to say what I got against them is ‘affirmative action’ and I went ‘Guys, I don’t wanna say that.

At this point Mantell requested that the line be taken out to even more people, and even Triple H told him to keep the line as part of the promo.

They said ‘Oh yeah, that’s what they want you to say.’ I asked ‘Why?’ I said ‘I guarantee you, when I go out there and I say that, now I’m racializing – I’m just making Zeb Colter a straight out racist.’ They said ‘Well, do this,’ and I then went to Triple H and said ‘Hey man, you’re gonna kill this character,’ and he did say this: ‘Okay, say it. If they don’t respond then take it out.

The promo didn’t receive an audible reaction, something which Mantell felt justified what his original suggestions.

I said ‘Get ready to take it out because they’re not gonna respond to this’. Nobody wants to hear it. I don’t care who you are. They don’t want to hear it. I went out there, and I said that; you could here not a pin drop. It got eerily quite. I know what they’re saying, you could read their mind. They’re saying ‘Oh God don’t take it this way, Please don’t lean into it.’

With thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.

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