Duane ‘Gillberg’ Gill Suffers Heart Attack, Out Of Intensive Care


It’s always sad to hear news of illness in the wrestling community, and as big fans of the Attitude Era the news of Duane Gill’s health scare was particularly horrible to hear.

James Ellsworth has confirmed in a video on Twitter that the man known to many as Gillberg suffered a heart attack.

In the video, former WWE star Ellsworth said that he had spoken to Gill’s wife, and confirmed he is now out of intensive care and “doing really well”.

Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving. I just got off the phone with Duane Gill, also known as Gillberg’s, wife. She wanted me to let everybody know what’s going on with Duane. He had a heart attack yesterday. But he is doing okay, he’s doing good. He just got out of ICU, doing very well, so I just wanted to say that first and foremost. He is doing fine and he should be okay going forward. Hopefully he’ll be home this weekend, and start transitioning into getting back to normal. But his wife did want me to come on here and tell everyone what’s going on. So please send your prayers to Gillberg and his family at this time. And hopefully, he’ll be home soon and back to his normal, fun, goofy self. Take care guys and God bless you. Stay safe.

All at Hooked On Wrestling wish Gill a swift recovery.