Drew McIntyre On How Relationship With Vince McMahon “Definitely Grew”

Drew McIntyre
Photo: WWE

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has recently discussed how his relationship with head honcho Vince McMcMahon has evolved over time, and how it works with getting more time with him when you’re more prominent on the roster.

McIntyre has rocketed to the stars within WWE since his return in 2017. Having been touted as the WWE Chairman’s ‘Chosen One’ in his initial run, McIntyre left the company in 2014 but has truly shown what he is capable of including two title runs this time round.

Speaking with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes ahead of the Glasgow leg of this week’s WWE UK tour, McIntyre explained how his dealings with the boss have changed over time.

It definitely grew during that period. Yeah. The opportunity to have more one on one time with the boss, if you’re involved in more significant segments, and obviously opening RAW most weeks, having long matches, I would get the chance to be in his office a lot more so it was awesome in the sense of building a relationship which is important in any job, to have a relationship with your boss, especially WWE. And also learn.

Every time I was in there, it’s always something he would say, I’d be like, “Wow, of course!” I’m trying not to sell it but a light bulb just went off. It’s something obvious to him, but not obvious to myself. So I got to learn a lot during that period, but also start building that trust with him where he can trust me to go out on television and know my character. And if I feel something, go in in that direction. And also outside the ring, you know, interviews and representing the company. Building that trust during that time, that was very important to me to keep doing that. I feel like I’ve done it to a significant degree now that he knows he can put me in any situation, and trust me to represent the company and knock it out of the park.

Having been one of the early competitors to come through NXT, McIntyre has also had words for the current crop coming through, urging them to not get ahead of themselves in their development.