Drew McIntyre Borrowed Vince McMahon’s Sword For WWE Raw

Drew McIntyre & Sheamus Sword
Credit: WWE

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has revealed that the sword he used in his elaborate Raw ring entrance belongs to Vince McMahon

‘The Scottish Psychopath’ confirmed this during an interview with WWE on FOX’s Ryan Satin.

I was just thinking about walking out with a kilt. Obviously, [Vince] likes to take it a little bit further. Suddenly, we had the sword and the pyro, and he was very hands-on with this.

Drew McIntyre about his elaborate entrance on WWE Raw

In a move that should surprise absolutely no-one the blade in question is actually Vince McMahon’s own personal sword.

The sword I had is actually Vince’s sword that was gifted to him by Stephanie and Hunter.

I believe the conversation went ‘we need a sword.’ ‘We don’t have a sword, sir,” and Vince goes, ‘I have a sword.’ I heard that story, and told him, ‘Of course you have a sword!’

Drew McIntyre on the origins of the sword

McIntyre added that Triple H and Stephanie got the weapon when they were in Scotland, acquiring it from an authentic manufacturer.

If you are in any way surprised by the news that a man who has a T. Rex skull on his office wall owns an authentic Scottish sword* then I don’t know what to tell you. Us at HOW were almost mystified by how incredibly un-shocking it really was in the grand scheme of things.

*HOW are hesitant to call it a “claymore” since they are a very specific type of sword and experts on this subject tend to be quite well armed.