Dolph Ziggler Makes Surprise NXT 2.0 Appearance

Dolph Ziggler sitting in a leather chair with his feet on the contract signing desk.

Former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler got involved in a physical confrontation after he interrupted Bron Breakker on this week’s edition of NXT 2.0.

Dolph Ziggler and the NXT Champion had been sparring on social media for several weeks before Ziggler’s appearance on the 8th February show. Tensions began after Ziggler rejected LA Knight’s suggestion that he should make a move to the former black and gold brand, saying that he doesn’t work on Tuesdays.

Bron Breakker seemingly didn’t take this too well, and was quick to react after Ziggler was eliminated from the 2022 Royal Rumble by Bad Bunny.

Says he doesn’t work on Tuesdays … apparently he can’t work on Saturday either

During a backstage interview with Sarah Schreiber on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the former World Champion commented that he didn’t even know who Breakker was.

After this the NXT Champion laid down a challenge for Ziggler to come to the revamped 2.0 show, and was even willing to put his title on the line after his next scheduled defence.

@HEELZiggler mentioned coming to NXT and taking my title. You want the next shot after Santos come on down. Your move #Iwillsayittoyourface

In another interview with Schreiber, Dolph Ziggler commented that, with NXT on SyFy for two weeks due to the Winter Olympics, it was a big time for the show and he might make it even bigger.

I appreciate the effort, but don’t try to make a name at [my expense]. Because after a while it’s funny, but then you want to slap the hell out of him sometimes. So, if you make it personal towards me, I take it personal. But we can all have a laugh, right?

I heard NXT is on SyFy tomorrow. Big night for NXT, big night for the champ. I’m off tomorrow. Anybody could show up, right? Maybe NXT on SyFy gets even bigger.

During the Vengeance Day contract signing for Bron Breakker’s NXT Championship defence against Santos Escobar, Dolph Ziggler made his presence known. Interrupting the signing, he once again questioned who Breakker was.

Time is money and I don’t get paid by the hour and I got a plane to catch so I’ve got one thing to say to you…. who the hell are you?

The son of Rick Steiner made it clear he was the reason ‘The Show Stealer’ had come to NXT, and that if he wanted a title shot then he was welcome to one after he had defeated Escobar. Instead, Ziggler went on to list his many achievements over the years and made it clear he didn’t want to wait in line for a title opportunity.

This brought Tommaso Ciampa to the ring, who gave a “hard pass” to the idea of Dolph Ziggler holding the NXT Champion. After berating the former World Champion, and went so far as calling him kid. Eventually a brawl broke out between the pair, which saw Santos Escobar joined by Legado del Fantasma in putting Breakker through a table.

While tensions have clearly heightened ahead of the Vengeance Day title match, it is clear that Ziggler will be looking to get a shot after that date, and may have to deal with Ciampa in the process.