DDP Recounts First Meeting With Eric Bischoff & Getting In A “Pull-Apart Fight”

DDP wearing a DDP Yoga shirt when appearing for AEW

DDP has remembered his first meeting with former WCW Chairman Eric Bischoff, describing it as the pair coming to blows and needing to be pulled apart.

Both Bischoff and DDP started working for World Championship Wrestling in the early 90’s when they were both part of the commentary team. Whilst ‘Easy E’ would go on to take charge of the company, Page won the World Championship with the organisation on three occasions.

However, it would now appear that their first meeting didn’t show any signs of the friendship which would form over the years, as DDP recalled on The Bro Show the first meeting between the two where they got in to a heated confrontation whilst drunk.

Bischoff’s not afraid of anybody man, he’s a third-degree black belt. Back in the day, when me and him had our… we met, it was a pull-apart fight, ’cause we were both drunk as hell. It happened again when I went off in the elevator later on.

‘I’m gonna crush him, but no I’m not.’ We probably would have had a pretty good fight going back then. The next morning, my alarm goes off, I’m up, I’m gonna go see him before I leave, ’cause I wanna see how tough he is in the morning, ’cause he was plastered. I’m walking to the door and I hear a knock knock. I think it’s the cleaning ladies, I open the door and see him.

He said, “I was a real A-hole last night,” I said, “Yeah, you were. As a matter of fact, I was just on my way down to talk to you,” In true Bischoff form, he says, “I saved you a walk.’ Now, this is the character of Eric Bischoff, who the real guy is. He says, “There’s two ways we can handle this. One: just punch me in the mouth, or two: shake my hand and accept my apology.’

DDP confirmed he took the second option of the two and the fight was put behind them.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin recently spoke about one of his favourite DDP memories, remembering when the Hall Of Famer bought a new barbecue whilst dressed in his pyjamas.

With thanks to Sportskeeda for the transcription.