Darby Allin Certain Sting Is Ready To Compete At AEW Revolution

Darby Allin & Sting

Many were surprised when ‘The Icon’ Sting was announced so quickly for a match in AEW.

He will team with Darby Allin at Revolution to take on Brian Cage and Ricky Starks in what is expected to be a cinematic no disqualification match.

Aged 61, many have questioned how capable The Stinger will be in the twilight of his career.

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport, Allin has given an example of why Sting will be ready to go at it once again.

We were walking around Jacksonville the other day. There was this six-foot fence. I jumped the fence and I told Sting ‘I’m going to take some photos’ because we were looking at some weird stuff in Jacksonville.

I was like ‘I’m going to take some photos for you of this weird building’ and he’s on the other side of the fence that’s locked up. And he’s like ‘what, you don’t think I’m going to jump this fence?’ He climbs up and he jumped the fence. So I’d say he’s good to go!

Current TNT Champion Allin has had a meteoric rise up the card in AEW.

He is certainly taking on the responsibility of playing his part to make sure Sting’s time with the company is a success.

When I work with him, you can’t stop and smell the roses. It’s go time.

That’s a huge thing for me to be in charge of telling his story at the tail-end of his career. You’re writing history here and I really don’t want anybody to go back and say ‘Oh, you know, when he got with Darby Allin it was kind of like not good’ or whatever you would say.

So to me, there’s a lot of responsibility and it’s amazing to have that put on me. I thrive in these situations.

In the future, there’s another tag team Allin has got his eyes on.

He’d be interested in working with Jon Moxley – and has a specific team in mind he’d like the duo to face.

I would like to be in a tag team and possibly with him. I’d love us to go in there with FTR because I really dig what those guys are doing. Whenever my and Moxley’s worlds collide again, I’m totally open to the idea.

AEW Revolution is set to take place on 7th March in Jacksonville – a move from the originally scheduled date of 27th February.