Daniel Bryan Comments On Backstage Role At WWE SmackDown

On this day in wrestling history, Daniel Bryan occupied Raw
Credit: WWE

It’s reasonably common fan knowledge that Daniel Bryan is an influential man behind the scenes of WWE SmackDown.

In a recent interview with TalkSport, the leader of the Yes Movement played down how much influence he really has.

It’s interesting because, one, I don’t have that big of a say [laughs]. Sometimes something really great will happen on SmackDown and somebody will say ‘oh, that’s Daniel Bryan!’ Like, that’s not me!

He went on to credit acclaimed WWE Superstars such as Apollo Crews, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro along with others, recounting the fact that he has known these Superstars for so many years that they have made the transition from boys to men together.

He also singled out Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins for recently becoming fathers as well.

We were all kind of children playing at pro wrestling and we’ve grown up and become men together. Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins just had kids. Now we’re fathers!

Friday Night Smackdown is back on its feet, after a rough transition from USA to FOX in 2019, with 2.43 million live viewers tuning in last week.

Bryan has been quick to compliment how far the blue brand has come on in recent months, and singles out one man for understanding the current circumstances.

It is cool seeing how great SmackDown has become. That has nothing to do with me, someone who just sees performance different in the ThunderDome to how I ever would have thought it, that brings it to a whole new level, is Roman Reigns.

Bryan heavily credits Reigns for the success of Smackdown, stating that his character and work, since returning to the ThunderDome in mid-2020, has “improved the quality of our television a great deal”. 

With Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan vs Edge for the WWE Universal Championship on the card for WrestleMania 37, it will be interesting to see Bryan and reigns clash after he has spoken of him so highly just two weeks before the event.