Could Impact Wrestling Bring Back TNA Brand? Scott D’Amore Comments

TNA Logo

During its various incarnations, Impact Wrestling was more commonly (and some would say famously) known as TNA.

This includes the early days of the brand when it was associated with the National Wrestling Alliance as NWA-TNA.

Now, it would seem there’s the possibility the TNA name will return as a spin-off of Impact Wrestling.

Speaking with The TMFI Wrestling Show, Impact Wrestling Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore spoke of the potential return and how it could be a Knockouts-specific show.

It’s a possibility that the TNA brand could return. One of the things that the pandemic has robbed us of is that opportunity to see a return of TNA. We have so many unbelievable Knockouts. Maybe we’ll give them their own separate platform.

You can see the clip from the interview below.